Mar 2023
Does Massage really work?

Yes, massage really works! Treatments like the ones we offer in our Fulham Massage & Wellness clinic, performed by certified therapists, have been proven to be very effective in healing a variety of physical and emotional ailments. It is important to highlight that massage therapy works at its best when planned as a course of treatments: a single session can definitely provide some initial relief, but it is the regular series of appointments that will guarantee full recovery and overall well-being in the long term.

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Mar 2023
Staff Spotlight: Lucy

This time, we put a spotlight on Lucy, our lovely evening receptionist. Read the interview to find out more about her passions and plans!

  1. Where are you from, Lucy, and how did you find your way to Fulham Massage & Wellness?

I’m originally from a little village called Downe. During the pandemic, I started university, but everything was online back then .At the beginning of my 2nd year, I moved to London and wanted a part time job alongside uni, so applied to FMW and got it. I’m so glad I did! My role is multidimensional, it taught me a lot and I’m very grateful for it.

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Feb 2023
Massage Do’s and Don’ts

When receiving a massage, whether is the first time or the latest of a long series, there are a few “etiquette” points that our team would like to share so that you can make the most of all the great benefits of massage therapy. Our therapists are highly skilled professionals and are committed to offering you a top quality service each time you visit our clinic, therefore have put together some useful suggestions in order for you to enjoy a smooth and pleasant experience in your massage session. Curious to know more? Check below our massage “do’s and don’ts” tips: 

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Jan 2023
Aftercare Q&A

Welcome to our Aftercare Q&A!

We are delighted to have met you and we truly hope you found your treatment effective and enjoyable! To assist with any post treatment queries you may have, we prepared a list of frequently asked questions to common concerns or puzzling post treatment side effects:

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Dec 2022
Spotlight on Lore

This month we interviewed our therapist Lore. Find out what brought him to London, how he started his journey as a massage therapist, his secret dream, and why his spirit animal would be a Sloth! 

Read below to get to know Lore:  

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Oct 2022
Ask the therapist: Causes and solutions of lower back pain

This month we start a new series of articles on our Blog: Ask the Therapist. 

On this first issue, we are going to focus on one of our most treated symptoms, lower back pain. We asked our therapists Lore, Asad, and Charlotte to explain what in their opinion could be its causes and treatment solutions.

Let’s see their answers:

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