Repetitive Strain Injury

RSI Massage

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a condition which presents pain or tenderness in certain muscles, tendons or nerves as a result of doing the same movement for a prolonged time. It is a chronic injury, mainly affecting upper limbs. The most common symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury, except pain and tenderness, are: stiffness, tingling sensation, numbness, decreased coordination and muscle weakness. RSI Massage calms the nervous system down and speeds up the healing process in the muscles and tendons.

As the name indicates, Repetitive Strain Injury is directly caused by straining or overloading soft tissue structures by doing the same, repetitive activity for long hours. People who experience Repetitive Strain Injury Fulham the most, are computer workers, dentists, hairdressers, builders, musicians and tennis or golf players.

RSI can also be called work-related upper limb disorder as it mainly affects wrist, forearm, elbow, hand, shoulder or neck. Carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis or golfer’s elbow, tendinitis and rotator cuff syndrome are most common forms of this chronic inflammatory condition. Due to a very high level of pain and discomfort, it usually is necessary for the sufferer to reduce or stop daily activities.

Massage Fulham is one of the most successful treatments for Repetitive Strain Injury. It helps to alleviate the pain, but also prevents it from reoccurring.

Repetitive Strain Injury – how it happens

RSI is associated with doing a particular movement for a prolonged period of time like typing and manual work. The repetitive action causes tightness in specific muscles, what reduces circulation in the affected area. Muscles are then unable to effectively repair without necessary oxygen and nutrients which are normally delivered in a blood flow. Natural toxins and unhealthy cells remain in the area (rather than being flushed out) and scar tissue is beginning to form.

As a result, the affected muscles are weakened and restricted by scar tissue. This forces other muscles and tendons to work harder and create compensations in the body. The challenge with Repetitive Strain Injury is that it works in a cycle and it is common for it to reoccur. As more and more tissues become affected, the restricted blood flow and muscles weakness causes it to be more and more painful each time it comes back.

The benefits of massaging a Repetitive Strain Injury Fulham

Deep tissue massage is extremely successful in solving an RSI. It helps to reduce pain and encourages appropriate healing process by:

  • Increasing circulation, which flushes natural toxins out and reduces inflammation
  • Decreasing muscle, ligament and tendon tension
  • Boosting oxygen and nutrients level to allow regeneration of tissues damaged by the Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Increasing range of movement by stretching the tissues and unwinding muscle twists
  • Breaking down the scar tissue to decrease the risk of reoccurring and enable muscles to regain their strength

Depending on your needs and level of pain, an individual treatment plan of RSI Massage can be created to ensure the best results. Most people, however, can feel a great relief already after the first massage treatment in Fulham. Our on-site physiotherapist can also advise on specific stretches and exercises to help with recovery from Repetitive Strain Injury and also to prevent it from coming back.