Sports Massage

Sports Massage Treatment

Sports massage uses certain tissue techniques to mobilise and manipulate muscles. Its main purpose is to enhance repair, relief pain, prevent injury or maintain physical health. It is ideal for acute injuries like ligament sprain or muscle tear but also for chronic, long-lasting neck or shoulder problem.

A lot of people assume that sports massage is only beneficial for athletes and physically active people. Those with more sedentary life-style can also benefit from having a regular sports massage. It releases tension that cumulates in the muscles and helps to improve body’s flexibility.

Sports massage Fulham is a great way to:

  • Prevent injuries or long term damage to muscles and joints
  • Enhance training performance
  • Speed up healing and recovery from injury

Sports massage Fulham – what can it treat?

From elite tennis or cricket players, to recreational joggers or golfers, and weekend soccer or football warriors – sports massage has been proven to effectively help with any musculoskeletal injuries such as hamstring or quads strain, ankle ligament sprain, rotator cuff injury, twisted knee and more.

It also works wonders in treating long lasting injuries of stiff neck and lower back pain. No matter how (in)active you are, sports massage can help you to feel more at ease with your body.

What to expect?

Sports massage often uses soft tissue manipulation and stretches. The therapist normally applies firm, vigorous pressure and concentrates on the area of problem or discomfort. In order to release “knots” and “crunchiness” from the muscles, therapist usually uses hands, knuckles or even elbow.

It is normal to feel slight tenderness or soreness during and after the sports massage. Most people describe it as if they experience a muscle ache after a good workout. This occurs when muscles release all toxins and waste products which were stuck inside them. Drinking plenty of water after sports massage is important to flush it all out rather than re-absorb again into the muscles.