Nov 2020
Top tips to improve circulation

A professional deep tissue massage, like the ones we offer in our Fulham clinic, is definitely a great way to boost the blood circulation. Having a good body circulation means that our organs are getting all the nutrients they need, that toxins and waste are flushed out and that our immune system works at its best. Furthermore, we feel energetic, light and healthy. What can we do between massage treatments to maintain this benefit? Our team at Fulham Massage & Wellness would like to share some useful tips on how to improve blood flow:

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Oct 2020
Massage or physiotherapy? What is the difference and what to choose when I am in pain?

Massage therapy and physiotherapy are very popular treatments for people who suffer from muscular pain and tension. They both offer benefits to mental and physical well-being and work to restore the body to its optimal health and function. It is important, though, to understand the differences between these two disciplines, so that we can choose the professional treatment that will suit exactly our needs.

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Oct 2020
Massage and mental health: facts and myths

Mental health is a person’s state of mind and is associated with psychological and emotional well-being. Mental health issues can be caused by different reasons, ranging from the worries of everyday life to more serious conditions.

With its significant benefits such as stress relief and overall relaxation, professional massage therapy is being more and more chosen by people who wish to improve their mental health as an additional option to fit into a treatment plan.

Here at Fulham Massage & Wellness we care about your well-being and we want to ensure that you make the most of our professional treatments. We believe it is important that you are fully aware of the benefits of a massage on your body and on your mind, therefore we would like to share six main myths, followed by the actual facts, related to massage therapy and mental health:

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Aug 2020
FMW top posture tips to prevent pain

A good posture is essential to prevent body aches and pain that, if persistent, can lead to chronic diseases which will require a long cycle of treatments to disappear. After all, the old saying “prevention is better than cure” has a lot of truth in it!

Regular deep tissue massages definitely help to improve your posture and there are also simple exercises that you can do by yourself to maintain the benefits between treatments. Today we would like to share our Fulham team’s top tips on how to keep a healthy body posture so that you can prevent pain and increase your overall well-being.

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Jul 2020
How to prepare the skin to benefit the most from your next massage

When you are about to receive a deep tissue massage, surely you are expecting to get some relief for any pain or muscular tension you might be experiencing in that moment. Or, more simply, you are looking forward to feeling relaxed and invigorated afterwards. Have you ever wondered how you can prepare your skin, so that you will benefit the most from your next treatment?

Here at Fulham Massage & Wellness we are specialised in clinical treatments and our main goal is to help all our clients to increase their well-being; we don’t offer strictly beauty massages, however we would like to share few tips on the perfect skincare before a professional massage.

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Jul 2020
Covid-19 Policy at FMW

As a result of Coronavirus we are issuing guidelines and advice to protect the health and wellbeing of all our clients and staff at Fulham Massage & Wellness. These protocols are to keep your health and well-being our number one priority and may change as the pandemic and local conditions necessitate and government and professional guidelines instruct.

These include:

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Jul 2020
Greetings from Fulham Massage & Wellness team

Although we miss you and our normal routines very much, we are trying to stay healthy, positive and ready for when the time comes to see you again. Our team of therapists and receptionists have been keeping busy with the training on new treatment protocols but we still manage to enjoy some quality free time. Here is a sneak peek of what we have all been up to in the last weeks: 

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