Back Pain

Do You Experience Back Pain

Back Pain is one of the most common complaints heard by doctors, physiotherapists and us. Whether you experience stiffness after gardening, dull ache when sitting at your desk or a stabbing sensation after lifting something, it’s all making your life less enjoyable and shouldn’t just be ignored.
Deep tissue massage in Fulham is a safe and effective method of back pain relief and preventing further problems. By combining massage, appropriate medical advice by our on-site physiotherapist, nutrition and a simple home care - pain can disappear completely. Just imagine what it would be like to live a pain-free life and feel healthier again!

Understanding Your Back Pain

Our bodies are designed to move. Stationary lifestyle, long hours at the desk or driving, they all cause muscle imbalance which then results in back pain. Our deep tissue massage in Fulham has been carefully designed by professionals with the idea to create the space and movement in our bodies.
The stress of everyday life and high workload usually increase tension and weaken back muscles, what makes it more vulnerable to injury. Therefore, it is important for our back pain massage to provide necessary relaxation. That’s what we call a feel good” factor.
There are many contributing triggers that can cause back pain: physically demanding work, accidents or falls, poor posture, stress, inadequate sleeping position, improper lifting techniques, pregnancy, medical conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis, malnutrition or poor diet.

The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage for Back Pain

It is important to understanding the process of back pain treatment in Fulham. Good quality deep tissue massages are very effective when it comes to loosening up the tension, alleviating pain and soothing muscles which are pulled or in spasm. 
By increasing the blood flow to the unhappy” area, massage helps to bring in extra oxygen and nutrients. Just as importantly this extra blood flow also aids back pain relief caused by toxins and natural waste products. Massage for back pain helps your body in repairing soft tissues, speeding up the recovery process and restoring healthy movement.
Our massage is designed to unwind the muscle twists, knead the knots away and create the space for muscles to move freely again. All of this will help to increase the range of movement and reduce stiffness in your back.

Understanding Alignment

During our daily activities and habits, our overused muscles become short and tight whilst the underused muscles become loose and weak. This causes imbalance or misalignment and can lead to injuries. Massage for back pain in Fulham helps to balance the structures of the body by stretching shorter muscles to their appropriate length and loosening up excessively tight fibers.

Stress-related pain

High stress or work load, tiredness, insomnia and prolonged anxiety can often increase your pain level by irritating the nervous system and releasing stress hormones. Full body massage flushes out these hormones and relieves the nerve endings, which usually has a positive effect on tension and pain. Massage in Parsons Green can also improve your quality of sleep, increase your pain threshold and enhance overall wellbeing, all in all, leaving you more capable of successfully dealing with ongoing tense situations.

Other support for ongoing care

Our on-site physiotherapist is always there to recommend other steps that can be taken to provide back pain relief. Some of them include the use of heat or ice, posture adjusting tips, corrective exercises or natural supplements. Please feel free to ask for more details.