Chronic Pain

What is a chronic pain? 

 Chronic pain can be defined as pain which lasts for more than 12 weeks. It can appear as a result of trauma or as a gradual onset. Apart from physical consequences of chronic pain, it also has a strong emotional toll.
The most common examples of this are chronic neck pain and chronic shoulder pain, backache, headaches and joint pains. Some of the pains can remain present even if the source of pain or injury has already been resolved. This is because signals of pain remain active in the nervous system. Massage in Fulham can help to calm the nervous system and sooth both, physical and emotional, sides of the chronic pain.

Tension in the muscles - Chronic Pain Massage

Some people state that they carry stress in their shoulder or neck muscles. Repeated activities, difficulty in dealing with stress or general overuse often lead to muscle tension. Tense and restricted muscles are more prone to injuries and spasm. They also start automatically contract and spread to neighbour muscles. The longer the muscles remain tense, the harder it is to release these muscles, which then creates an ongoing, chronic problem.

Reduction in circulation

Tight or contracted muscles result in difficulties for the blood to flow as it should. The natural body waste products then accumulate causing muscles to become tired and sore much quicker. Fatigued muscles that contract for prolonged time often start to form trigger points, commonly known as knots”. Trigger points create referral pain which often can be experienced in other areas of the body. For example, trigger points in the shoulder often radiate pain down the arm and these in lower back muscles can send the pain into legs or groin. Trigger point therapy in Fulham can be used to eliminate the knots and bring the muscles back to the good working order.

Chronic pain domino effect

Being in pain for a longer period of time compromises body’s natural defense by suppressing the immune system. It also decreases body’s ability to produce natural painkillers. This leaves sufferers tired and makes pain harder to bear. People who experience chronic pain can often develop some form of anxiety, insomnia or depression. Simple actions can become difficult and it is common to withdraw from activities. It then becomes a closed cycle as usually, it is exercising that is essential for those who want to maintain their mobility and enhance circulation.

Massage for Chronic Pain  

Massage is great for chronic pain management and can help to break this pain cycle. It has a positive effect on physiological aspect of chronic pain as well as helping with emotional symptoms.
  • Massage in Fulham release muscle tension and softens the tissues
  • It enables the blood to flow freely in the muscles to get oxygen and nutrients they need
  • It calms the nervous system and decreases sensitivity of pain cells, allowing to switch off the pain signals
  • It increases immune cells helping to restore body’s natural defense
  • Trigger point release techniques help to alleviate radiating pains
  • Massage stretches muscles and other soft tissues to improve movement
All of these benefits can lead to reducing or fully resolving chronic pains. Regular massages for chronic pain in Fulham can also help with better quality sleep, leaving your body rejuvenated. A boost of energy and motivation encourages people to stay positive and physically active which makes the results last longer. Our on-site physiotherapist will closely work with your massage therapist to ensure that you have the optimum chronic pain management treatment plan.