Feb 2020
Why Invest In Regular Massage Treatments?

It’s not easy being a Londoner. The British capital is a crowded, rowdy, and frenetic place. The cost of living is sky-high, and the levels of pollution in London give New Delhi’s and Beijing’s a run for their money. Three decades of constant growth have transformed London and converted it into one of the world’s preeminent urban centres. However, this has come at a cost, and the tumult of big city living is taking its toll on the population.

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Jan 2020
What would your therapist like to know when you come in for a massage treatment?

Understanding is key to each relationship. There is no exception when it comes to a therapist-client relationship. In order to achieve the best massage results and ensure clients' satisfaction, a therapist should be able to ask relevant questions. A good massage therapist should invest time in learning what client’s expectations are to be able to match or exceed them and offer the best care. A therapist might be a master of massage and soft tissue therapy but each client is a master of their body, only working together will bring the best results.

So what exactly is relevant and what your therapist should find out from you in order to facilitate the most effective outcome?

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Nov 2019
Therapist Spotlight - Yiota

This month we interviewed Yiota, our great massage therapist. You can find out what her inspiration is, why she became a massage therapist in first place, how she spends Christmas and what her fashion taste is like. Read the answers below to get to know Yiota better. 

Where are you from, Yiota, and why did you move to London?

I am from Greece, Athens. I came here because Athens is in crisis and London has money. Also, I came to work and try new experiences.It is nice here, I love the weather. (laughing as looking through the window to see a rainy and foggy day.) 

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Nov 2019
Massage For Back Pain

Back pain is becoming an increasing problem for people of all ages around the world. Formerly thought of as a problem which is restricted to the elderly, it is now known to affect people of all ages, due to the increasing level of sedentary lifestyles we're adopting. Yet as people get older, there is a higher chance of their developing lower back pain. Interestingly, back pain is not a disorder per se, as we may be tempted to think; it is usually a symptom of different medical problems.

Common Causes of Back Pain

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Sep 2019
Therapist Spotlight - Claire

This month we have interviewed Claire, our lovely therapist. Find out what she is like outside of the treatment room here:

Claire, where are you from and what brought you to London?

I’m from Brighton originally and I moved up to London for a work opportunity and to be with my boyfriend and friends. It’s also a bit more exciting to be here.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

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Aug 2019
How to relieve pain whilst waiting for your massage appointment

At Fulham Massage & Wellness we understand that time is of value. We know that many of you struggle to find time to fit everything into the week. That's why we have created our opening hours in a way to help you find a suitable time for massage treatments when you need them. We are open 7 days a week, 9am till 10pm on the weekdays and 9am till 6.15pm on weekends. We have multiple therapists on each day to enable you to book your appointment at ease. However, with our structure that encourages pre-booking appointments in advance (to prevent and manage pain or stress rather than only react to it), there are times when we run out of on-the-day last minute availability. 

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