Apr 2022
Therapist Spotlight: Ben

This month we put under the spotlight our brilliant therapist Ben. We asked him how he started his career as a massage therapist and what motivates him at work, what’s his favourite place in London, and what would be his wish if he had one granted. Read his answers below to find out even more:

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Apr 2022
Top tips for boosting circulation between treatments

One of the benefits of massage therapy is the boost on blood and lymphatic circulation. The pressure and the movements applied by the therapist during a deep tissue massage help body fluids flow, so that organs receive more oxygen and nutrients, toxins and waste products are flushed out and the immune system is more efficient. Overall, having a good blood circulation makes the body feel lighter and invigorated.

Our clients often ask how they can prolong this pleasant effect after each treatment. Our team in Fulham would like to recommend few tips on how to improve circulation:

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Mar 2022
How to make the most of the physio ball

One of the questions that our therapists receive often from clients is how to maximise the benefits of massage therapy between treatments. In addition to stretching and light exercise like yoga or pilates, a great way to give relief to tense areas is using a massage ball.

There are different types of massage balls available: from very smooth and firm like the lacrosse ball to small and soft like the squash ball. Other alternatives include the tennis ball or the spiky ball, the latter being quite good for foot stimulation.

The one we give in our Fulham clinic, as a free gift to our clients, is the physio ball (firm and smooth like the lacrosse ball), which our therapists identified as highly performing for self massage and also very practical as it can be carried in handbags or suitcases due to its small size.

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Feb 2022
Massage therapy after care: how to maximise the benefits of each treatment

Receiving a massage is a wonderful experience, which will leave us feeling relaxed, flexible and invigorated. Massage therapy helps heal both body and mind, hence it is not a surprise that the demand for such treatments is so high, especially in cities where the lifestyle is hectic and stress can frequently occur.

Our therapists in Fulham are passionate about massage and always offer some after care tips, in order to maximise the benefits of each treatment. Today we would like to share some top recommendations to maintain the positive effects of massage after a session:

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Jan 2022
Therapist Spotlight – Ignacio

This month we put Ignacio, one of our brilliant therapists, under the spotlight. We asked him why he became a massage therapist and what satisfies him at work, what is his idea of a perfect day, his special memory from the past, and one thing that nobody knows about him. Read his answers below:

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