Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Treatment

Deep tissue massage is designed to help with tension and aches. It is much more thorough and, as the name suggests, it uses a deeper pressure to gradually reach all layers of muscles – peeling them like an onion and unravelling deeply rooted source of the pain. Deep tissue massage in Fulham is very effective in treating problems related to poor posture, overuse, chronic pains and repetitive injuries. It is the most common tretament we offer at our clinic. 

Deep tissue massage will:

  • Release the pain
  • Restore the movement
  • Reduce muscle tightness
  • Provide a blissful relaxation
  • Eliminate tension

Deep tissue massage – what can it treat?

Many chronic conditions like back pain, stiff neck, sore shoulders or tight hip muscles can easily be improved with deep tissue massage. By releasing the tightness in soft tissues and facilitating a healing process it forces the body to correct the problem which has been present for a long time. It also works on creating a new, healthy muscle memory. This way, when the problem is corrected it can also be easily prevented from coming back. Deep Tissue Massage is also beneficial in reducing pain in conditions like whiplash or sciatica. It calms the central nervous system, reduces muscle spasm and teaches the body to move in a correct way. Additionally, by unwinding the twists in the muscles and deeper tissues, this type of massage is very successful in treating repetitive strain injuries, tennis or golfers elbows, rotator cuff injuries, back pain and several postural dysfunctions.

Deep Tissue Massage at Fulham Massage & Wellness

Our therapists will always aim to adjust the pressure used in the treatment to your individual needs and expectations. In order to achieve deeper pressure, knuckles, fingertips or elbows can be used, but deep tissue massage doesn't have to be painful. By using a slow pace and very flowing types of techniques, it can actually be used to release tension, stress and anxiety. During this treatment, your therapist can ask you to take deep breaths to further relax your body and mind. Deep tissue massage is often described as an effective massage that simply feels good. At Fulham Massage & Wellness, we recommend a course of three deep tissue massages in a relatively short amount of time (7-10 days apart) in order to acheive the best and longest lasting results. After that, most people choose a monthly maintenance massage in order to keep their body in a good working order, Your therapist will, however, discuss an individual treatment plan based on the syptoms presented.