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This month we interviewed our therapist Lore. Find out what brought him to London, how he started his journey as a massage therapist, his secret dream, and why his spirit animal would be a Sloth! 

Read below to get to know Lore:  

 -           What brought you to London and how did your journey in massage and wellness start? 

I think what brought me here was my ambition of living in Sydney. In 2012 I was in Cyprus, working in an amazing Spa and living my best life. Every morning I would go to Pilates lessons on the beach and bring what I learnt in the lesson into the treatment room. There I worked with something like 800 people, and at least 500 of them were from London! We talked about London so much that moving here seemed the natural, harmonious thing for me to do. I arrived in London in 2014, on Valentine’s Day. So, clearly, it’s a love affair.   Lore beach

After I had enough money aside, I eventually travelled to Australia for three months, and the circle was complete. As per how I became a massage therapist, everything started with my football career. I am a professional football player, at 17 years old I was playing for a professional team in the first league in Romania. That was all my life, and it completely changed after a serious injury to my knee. It literally exploded: cushion, ligament, meniscus, all. Ironically, that was the best day of my life, because it’s when I found my true vocation. After the operation, I underwent rehab with a Physiotherapist that supported me for almost one year; I gradually got back to walking, and recovered not only physically, but also emotionally. I fell in love with Physiotherapy and thought that I would love to give back and help others the same way.  

-           How would you describe yourself as a therapist and what’s your massage style?  

Lore_surf.jpgI am an emphatic therapist, and I am grateful I got the skills and knowledge to get to help people. I always try to apply everything I know, every notion embedded in my DNA to get the best results possible.  My style is dynamic and tailored to the needs of the person that’s in front of me.

-           A fact about massage therapy that not many people know. 

I think some people know it’s relaxing and de-stressing for them, but is beautiful to discover how many people actually do understand what a remedial treatment is and its efficacy. The results are happening, session one to three, you’re getting brilliant improvement. I noticed how my clients get addicted to feeling well, that’s when the job really starts and that’s so interesting for me.

-           If you had to choose another profession, what would that be? 

I think about this quite often, because I realised, I am the creator of my reality. I am completely in love with what I do right now; I reckon through the course of the years; I gained so much knowledge and so many skills that I would now love to pass them on, so I see myself applying those tools in being a coach or a trainer. 

-           If you could choose a place anywhere in the world, where would you live? 

A part of me would still say Sydney, Australia, but I do now understand that the world is such a big and magical place, so I believe it would have to be somewhere else. I don’t know where, the only thing I know is somewhere 14 degrees warmer.

-           Three things that make you happy and three things that annoy you

The first thing that makes me happy is the most obvious, and it is myself. I am completely in love with how I am living my life, and how I am creating this paradise for myself. 

The second thing is of course my fiancée, Monica. Holding her hand at home or in public is the most powerful thing. I am amazed at how deep our connection is the magnetism between our soul divided in two different bodies. It blows my mind. The third thing that makes me happy is travelling. Lore kajak Something shifts in me when travelling, especially when in warm places! 

There are also things that resonate less with me. For example, ketchup. I am a mustard person, and I almost take it as a personal offence if someone brings me ketchup.

The second thing is more frustrating than annoying, and it is accepting my limits, and understanding that there are still boundaries between the power in me and what I can give back to the world. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that it is a process, as I believe inside of me there’s an infinite power that I want to access it now, despite physical limitations. And the third thing…. Well, I guess that if I had to think about it, it’s not there!

-           What was your last adventure?  
Lore peru cornThat’s easy, having this interview with you right now! It’s absolutely brilliant!!

-           What’s your secret dream?

My secret dream it’s to achieve that power I mentioned before: the power to help people in a way that transcends the limits and physical abilities I am experiencing now.

-           What would be your spirit animal? 

A sloth! Precisely, the King God Sloth from Costa Rica. While I was travelling there, the villagers told me its legend, that if one was lucky enough to see the sloth, this would bring infinite blessings. Well, I guess I’m the luckiest man alive as I got to see the King God Sloth twice when there: it was massive and on one occasion he smiled at me! I also took his picture. Lore sloth

This or that questions:

Cats or dogs? Dogs!

Coffee or tea? Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon.

Heavy rain or bright sunshine? I love the rain only two times a year when I am sitting in front of the window reading a good book, the other 363 days sunshine, please!

Pizza or cake? Pizza

Nights out or cosy nights in? Nights in, because I am sharing Monica only with myself.

Hiking the highest mountain or swimming through the longest

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