Staff Spotlight: Lucy

This time, we put a spotlight on Lucy, our lovely evening receptionist. Read the interview to find out more about her passions and plans!

  1. Where are you from, Lucy, and how did you find your way to Fulham Massage & Wellness?

I’m originally from a little village called Downe. During the pandemic, I started university, but everything was online back then .At the beginning of my 2nd year, I moved to London and wanted a part time job alongside uni, so applied to FMW and got it. I’m so glad I did! My role is multidimensional, it taught me a lot and I’m very grateful for it.

  1. Have you got any hidden talents?

Not sure if it’s a hidden talent, but certainly a real passion - cooking! I’m very passionate about food, I love cooking different cuisines and the classics. My absolute favourite is cooking Indian food. I also love baking.  

  1. If someone wrote a book about you, what would it be called?

Maybe “The hidden life of Lucy”?  There is a bit of a mad side of me, which comes out when I’m in a great, party mood. I really love to dance!

          4. How do you define beauty?

I think beauty comes from within. It’s in a shape of different characteristics that we have like kindness or love. But it also can be enhanced by our environment and passion for things we love. It definitely comes from within though.

  1. How do you like spending free time?IMG 20230328 WA0009

I like reading books, watching series snuggled on a sofa, being a bit lazy every now and then! On the other hand, I also love spending time with my family back home and  going for walks in Richmond Park with my boyfriend, it’s my favourite thing to do!

  1. What's the biggest leap of faith you have ever taken?

I think it would be moving to London. Before that, I was living in a small village, I felt settled and content with people I knew. Moving to London taught me how to meet new people, get a job, experience a different way of living, ect.

           7. What's your favourite film or book?

My favourite book would be an academic book that I really fell in love with “The Body Keeps the Score”. It explains how our life experiences or trauma can influence the body, brain and mind; how these experiences can shape us.

My favourite film will have to be Paddington. I absolutely love it and feel very nostalgic towards it. Especially when I’m not feeling great, nothing beats snuggling on a sofa and watching Paddington.

           8. Perfect holiday destination?

Somewhere warm and sunny! I’m not a creature of the cold. I also would like somewhere where I can explore, for example city breaks, trying new food. But overall, a sunset on the beach is my idea of heaven.

  1. Do you have a favourite family tradition?

IMG 20230328 WA0008I do, it’s Christmas tradition. We normally have my whole family, 20+ of us in the house and all stay on Christmas day. We play games, there is one called Hedbanz that we play every year. We always stay up late on Christmas and then also go for a nice long walk, on Boxing Day.

  10. How do you see your life in 10 years time?

I hopefully see myself having a good and satisfying career in psychology, married, with kids, in a lovely house – just happy, that’s all😊

IMG 20230328 WA0010

 11. What makes you feel better when you're upset or angry?

Meditation helps me to ground myself and realise what’s going on emotionally and body-wise. I also believe in the power of breathing exercises; they definitely give me a different perspective.

         12. What is your life mantra?

“What’s yours will find you”. It’s a great quote. The universe will give you what you need – it’s definitely been the case so far in my life.

        13. Have you ever had your fortune told? IMG 20230328 WA0011

No, I haven’t, but I would love to! If someone can do it, then I would love to know what my future holds!

  1. What's your most favourite and hated chores?

Favourite one is cleaning. I really love doing housework, to make my environment neat, clean and cosy. The best part is lighting candles when it’s all done, it’s the best feeling.

I hate taking the bins out! Thankfully Rhys, my boyfriend, does it for me so I don’t have to do it very often😊

        15. What's your all-time favourite dessert?

Hmmm, chocolate brownie… Specifically the one, that melts in middle… If it’s on the menu, it goes on my plate! Plus vanilla ice cream on the side!

This or that:

Day or Night? Night
Music or Book? Music
Chocolate or Cake? Cake
Tattoo or Piercing? Piercing
Trousers or Dress? Dress
Guitar or Piano? Piano
Skydiving or Bungee jumping? Skydiving
Car or Plane? Plane, because it means I’m going somewhere nice!
Spring or Autumn? Spring
Store-bought or Homemade? Homemade

Relaxing Massage or Deep Tissue Massage? Deep tissue massage!

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