Bożena is a qualified physiotherapist and deep tissue massage therapist. She has obtained a Master's degree in Physiotherapy in Poland. She has been living in UK since 2014.

Bożena gets great fulfillment from helping people to address their pain or injury caused through their repetitive lifestyle habits or incorrect body posture. She also understands how important it is to give the body relaxation and rejuvenation, so she always tries to provide treatments that are both, effective and enjoyable.

Training and Education:

Bożena has an extensive experience in working with people. She has been working as physiotherapist for almost seven years in Poland. Her professional development started when worked with disabled children, but she also gained an experience in the Physiotherapy Clinic. She has worked there with outpatients and used elements of electrotherapy, manual therapy and massage to help them with pain.

Types of Treatments:

Interests and Hobbies:

Bozena enjoys reading books, going to the cinema and sightseeing. She also loves animals, especially cats. 

Schedule at the clinic:

Monday 7:45am - 2pm

Tuesday 7:45am - 2pm

Wednesday 3:45pm - 10pm

Thursday 3:45pm - 10pm

Friday 3:45pm  - 10pm



"Quite possibly one of the most effective and professional massages I have ever had. My back was really tight as I had somehow injured it cycling. One session was enough to loosen really locked muscles! The next day I felt so much better. The therapist I had took great care to assess my situation, and because of her qualification as a physiotherapist was really knowledgeable about how best to treat.

"As someone who has massages a lot, I plan to make this a regular appointment. As I know that I am in really safe professional hands here."


"The massage with Bozena was one of the best massages I've ever had! The massage was really unique - I felt that Bozena had a real understanding of my body, injuries, and my range of motion, which are skills and qualities that you don't come across everyday in a masseuse. It wasn't just the massage though - the end to end service from the moment you walk in the door is genuine, personable and all about you. I will 100% be back and highly recommend Fulham Massage & Wellness to anyone whose body needs a bit of tender loving care."


"My massage yesterday was excellent so pass on my thanks to Bozena."