As a Managing Director of Fulham Massage and Wellness, Agata is responsible for training therapists and ensuring the standards of treatments are always high. She is dedicated to pass her knowledge, skills and experience in order to increase the level of massage industry and ensure clients’ satisfaction.

Agata developed an interest in injuries by playing a variety of sports such as basketball, volleyball, running and swimming. She carried out this enthusiasm into her profession and for years has been working as a Rehabilitator and First Aider in football and American football clubs.

But her main passion was always for clinical treatments. Sports and Deep Tissue Massage has become a big part in her injury management and prevention programme. She built a successful massage practice in Bromley where she gained a great reputation for high quality treatments.


Training and Education:

Agata qualified in 2011 as Graduated Sports Rehabilitator and since then has gained a great experience in clinical and sports environment. To increase the effectiveness of her treatments and to understand it better, she also completed Acupunture course, Core Bodywork Training and become Personal Trainer.

Types of Treatments:

Although Agata does not treat clients anymore, she dedicates her skills, time and passion towards training massage therapists and ensuring clients' satisfaction. Her specialty is: Sports & Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Relaxing Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release and Kinesio Strapping.

Interests and Hobbies:

Agata loves sports and exercise as it not only keeps her fit, but also helps her to relax. She is incredibly passionate about reading books, those related to sports injuries as well as novels and criminals. Cooking is also a big part of her life – she loves experimenting in the kitchen and hosting dinner parties.

Schedule at the clinic:

Please phone clinic for up-to-date schedule


I've been seeing Agata for regular massage sessions for about a year and I honestly cannot live without her!!!

She is amazing at what she does, and that's relieve my tensions, aches and pains from old sports injuries and keep me feeling like I can cope with the world! I walk out of her sessions feeling pain free and have more range of motion, especially in my neck, which has always caused me problems. I cannot recommend her enough.

I've had hundreds of massages in my time, but no-one has come close to how she makes me feel, during the treatment and afterwards. Agata is totally professional, warm, caring and her knowledge and expertise is second to none.

Thank you Agata. High fives all round!


Agata and her team are the best that there is. I could not recommend them any higher.

Agata has personally maintained my well-being for years now and without her I would have surely needed a back operation.

Agata and her team are truly the best!

Thank you Agata.


Agata is the best therapist that I have come across! Im a fitness instructor & health coach with hip mobility issues.

Agata has enabled me to continue to work and baffle my Consultant! He says the xrays show I should not be walking but weekly therapy from Agata & self care has enabled me to keep going.

Agata has resolved my tennis elbow in 6 weeks & many still joints, aches & pains.

Agata is so much more than massage to me she is my lifeline & I recommend her to all my clients

Thank you Agata