Bozena vs. Fran: Therapist double interview

This month we challenged our lovely therapists Bozena and Fran with a double interview! They both have been part of Fulham Massage & Wellness since the beginning and both of them count numerous happy clients. 

We asked them about their personal approach to massage, their relationship with each other,  what they would be if not a therapist and so much more! Read more to find out all the answers: 

1) How long have you been a massage therapist?Untitled_design.png

Bozena:  I’ve been working as a massage therapist for over 6 years now. 

Fran: Around 7 years now.  


2) How did your adventure at FMW start?    

Bozena: I've been part of FMW since the very beginning of my career in London, and since Agata and Fran opened the clinic in 2016.  Everything was a big coincidence, really. During my first year in London I took English classes, and there I met someone who, by coincidence, knew a person who was looking for staff in their massage clinic. That was Agata, the owner, who later developed my skills as a massage therapist. And here we are today!

Fran: I had been working part-time as a massage therapist in another clinic in Raynes Park, and wanted to start working full time, when I found a job advert online for FMW. I really loved Agata and Fran’s ethos and approach to Massage therapy and decided to apply.


3) What’s your approach to massage therapy?

Bozena: In addition to relieving pain, massage therapy is effective in relieving anxiety and improving our quality of life and all-over health. My approach is built around four pillars: body knowledge, understanding, willingness to help and complete focus and attention on my client's issues.

Fran: I believe massage therapy is an important part of your health and wellness, both for your body and for your mind. We prioritise our hair and dentist appointments, but very rarely see our bodies as part of this and see massage more as a luxury rather than maintenance.  


4) What’s the thing that you like the most about the other as a massage therapist?

Bozena: Fran is a unique one. She has a very sharp elbow, and she is able to compress the tense parts of the muscles almost perfectly. At the same time, she is hilarious and always listens to you carefully.

Fran: Bozena always finds those areas of pain and tension, but at the same time her treatments are so relaxing. I also feel like she always hits every muscle.


Bk and Fran 15) What’s the thing that you like most working with each other?

Bozena: Our lunch breaks. It’s our time together where we relax, have some food, talk about funny things, and laugh uncontrollably. Even when we sit in silence, we only need to look at each other to have fun.

Fran: We always have fun on our shifts together and Bozena always makes me laugh. I feel we work very well together and are always happy to ask the other for help and advise.


6) What do you think is the biggest challenge in your job? 

Bozena: I am sure of my abilities as a therapist, but sometimes it can be challenging to find a sense of harmony.

Fran: For me, staying in good physical condition. It is a very physically demanding job, so staying on top of exercising and stretching can be hard.


7) What is the biggest reward in you job?

Bozena: A smiling patient! 100%! I love it! It gives me great satisfaction when I hear how my client feels like a new person after the treatment, or how they are finally pain free. The biggest compliment I’ve received is when one of my clients told me: “I have no idea how I functioned before getting to know you"!

Fran: It has to be when a client tells me how much better they are feeling, or that their pain has gone. Its why I got into this profession, to help people and improve their lives.


Bk_FB_1.png8) If our industry didn’t exist, what do you think you’d do for a living?

Bozena: Realistically, I’ll probably be a pharmacist or a radiologist. Unrealistically, I’ll be a singer. . . if only I could sing! Sadly, this isn’t the case so let's leave it aside and focus on being a physiotherapist!

Fran: Nothing desk based; I need to be on my feet! I guess anything related to health and fitness.



9) If your colleague would be an animal, what would it be?

Bozena: Oh, it’s difficult to choose just one! I'm sorry Fran but an ant is what comes first to my mind, because you always walk so fast! Also, a hare because I always hear her jumping up and down the stairs. Then a sloth… but I won't explain why.

Fran: Probably a rabbit, with her blond hair and that fact that she is so small (even though we are the same height).


10) One word to describe your colleague:

Bozena: Helpful, friendly, polite… I’ve lost this challenge already because it’s impossible to choose only one!

Fran: Caring is the right word.


BK_FRAN_OK.png11) Her best Quality?  

Bozena: Loyalty!

Fran: She always goes above and beyond.


12) Something you have never told her: 

Bozena: Your laugh is extremely contagious!

Fran: I really like her fashion sense, but I do think she has too many clothes.


13) If the other person was a colour, which one would it be?

Bozena: I believe her personality matches the colour green.

Fran: Blue, I think just because her name begins with a B.

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