The benefits of massage therapy for sore joints

Massage therapy is being chosen by more and more clients due do its many benefits on physical and mental health: it offers relief for sore muscles, it boosts circulation, it helps to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, it promotes a better quality of sleep and facilitates weight loss and management.


Can massage therapy help with sore or inflamed joints?

The answer is: of course! Keeping in mind that massage therapy is not a substitute for medicine. Nevertheless scientific studies have proven that it can effectively support in relieving the pain in joints and muscles, speeding up the recovery process. 



What causes pain in the joints?

The reasons why a joint gets sore or inflamed can vary; our team in Fulham is listing below the most common complaints that we hear from our clients: Please feel free to contact us to discuss any of these further and/or book an in person consultation.

  • Injuries

Excess of exercise, or a training plan not properly tailored for one's body, can lead to injuries and pain. Also, repetitive movements eg. Clicking on a mouse might put unnecessary strain on the joints.

  • Arthritis

Arthritis can affect people of all ages with symptoms like pain, stiffness and swelling. The most common types are Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), caused by an immune disorder, and Osteoarthritis, caused by the degeneration of the joint cartilage.

  • Post-surgery

It's quite common, especially after a bone fracture, to experience pain in the joints due to the recovery process of the body going from an intense stress condition back to wellness.



How can massage help?

A professional massage, like the ones we offer in our Fulham clinic, can help reduce the stiffness and relieve the pain in sore or inflamed joints. Also, it slows down the degeneration of the cartilage and by releasing tension in the muscles, it gives an overall feeling of relaxation and it promotes an active and healthy lifestyle.

The main immediate benefit of massage therapy in relation to joint soreness is the pain relief: when the body relaxes, it produces more endorphins (also called the “hormones of happiness”) which act as natural painkillers, which in turn shifts the focus from pain to wellness, consequently speeding up the recovery process.

Another positive effect of massage is the increased mobility as a result of the reduced muscle stiffness. Being active can be particularly challenging when we suffer from a sore or an inflamed joint, thus potentially leading to a more sedentary lifestyle and consequential health issues. When we feel energised and free from pain, it comes more natural to be regularly active.

Last but not least, a professional massage boosts circulation, helping release the swelling in affected tissues and slow down the inflammation. A good blood circulation ensures that muscles, joints and tissues get all the necessary oxygen and nutrients and also helps the joints be lubricated and mobile.



What kind of massages are recommended for sore joints?

First of all, if you are experiencing an inflammation or pain in your joints it is very important that you discuss this with your therapist before the treatment, so that they can apply the right amount of pressure on the affected areas.

In terms of which massages can mostly help with sore joints, our team recommends Swedish Massage and Lymphatic Drainage: the former is renown for its customisable pressure and its highly relaxing power; the latter is the most effective to boost circulation and remove excessive fluids from the inflamed tissues.

Also, our therapists are happy to provide you with aftercare tips, such as stretching exercises or relaxation techniques, like taking a hot bath using Epsom salts, which are famous for their soothing qualities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you require any further information or advice on the best type of treatment for your needs, or interested in arranging an in person consultation. Our team in Fulham will be pleased to assist and to welcome you to our clinic.



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