Covid-19 policy at Fulham Massage & Wellness

Safety and hygiene steps introduced to minimise the risk of Covid-19 in clinical environment


 Covid 19 policy 5

1. Staff  PPE: disposable face masks and washable aprons - changed for each treatment

2. Contactless temperature checks for staff and clients

3. Clients advised to come in wearing masks and washing hands upon arrival and before leaving, clients pre-screened before the bookings are taken

4. Clients need to adhere to social distancing and give permission to pass their details for track and trace if needed

5. Prepayment or payment in the room to prevent gatherings in the reception area

6. Social distancing in the clinic among staff and clients

7. Hand washing station in each room including sink, paper towel dispenser, cup dispenser, soap, sanitizing gel

Covid 19 policy 4

8. All unnecessary items removed from the rooms or kept inside the cupboard to prevent catching air droplets

9. Impeccable cleaning and hygiene routine

10. Treatment staggered with at least 15min gaps between treatments to facilitate sanitising the room

11. Staff changing clothes upon arrival and before leaving

12. Massage couch set up: whole width waterproof flizelin couch roll - disposed after each treatment, face towel - washed after each treatment, no pillows policy- instead a towel used that covers the whole part of the head area (covers the face hole)

Covid 19 policy 1    Covid 19 policy 2    Covid 19 policy 3

 Covid 19 policy 7

13. Online consultation and consent forms to prevent pen and paper handling

14. Individually packed masks distributed to all clients who arrive without mask

15. 2 treatment protocols: facing up and facing down start

16. Tea tree diffusers in each treatment room to encourage natural sanitation of the air

17. Windows opened between each clients to air the rooms

18. Multiple sanitising points in the clinic

Covid 19 policy 8







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