Top tips to improve circulation

A professional deep tissue massage, like the ones we offer in our Fulham clinic, is definitely a great way to boost the blood circulation. Having a good body circulation means that our organs are getting all the nutrients they need, that toxins and waste are flushed out and that our immune system works at its best. Furthermore, we feel energetic, light and healthy. What can we do between massage treatments to maintain this benefit? Our team at Fulham Massage & Wellness would like to share some useful tips on how to improve blood flow:



self massage

Before your next professional massage, it is good practice to treat yourself with a simple self-massage every now and then. Some people find it beneficial in the morning when they get up, in order to boost energy and feel invigorated, some others love it in the evening so that they can relax and facilitate a quality sleep. There is no rule on when is best to do it, the important thing is that it fits your routine and it makes you feel better afterwards. Take at least ten minutes in your day just for yourself and massage your body, starting from the feet and going up making small circular movements all the way up to the head, working on one side of the body per time. Pro tip: when you massage your legs, the natural flow is going up on the inner side and down on the outer side. Also, the self-massage works at its best when combined to the use of essential oils like lavender, rosemary, grapefruit, sage, ginger and peppermint oil which are known for being circulation boosters. Just mix a few drops of the essential oil of your choice in a small amount of a carrier oil like coconut, sweet almond or jojoba oil and, hey pronto, you will have improved your circulation and moisturised your skin at the same time.




detox Another great way to facilitate the blood flow is detoxing the body from inside. Limiting the consumption of alcohol, reducing (if not quitting completely) smoking, drinking plenty of water or healthy infusions like green tea, fresh ginger or peppermint leaves will work wonders on your body circulation, making you feel lighter and invigorated. Also the food we eat is important: a balanced diet, low in salt and saturated fats can ensure that our cholesterol levels stay low and that we don’t suffer from fluids retention. The old five-a-day tip might sound boring, but with a bit of creativity we can enjoy delicious recipes with fruit and fresh vegetables which will help our blood circulate freely, bringing all the oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Needless to say that not only we will feel better, but we will also look healthier as our skin, when well hydrated and detoxed, will have a natural glow.






Now, some of us might think that, in order to properly boost the body circulation, we need to exercise like professional athletes for many hours every day. Quite the opposite: a regular, low impact exercise can actually work better than a high-intensity workout, as it doesn’t make the body feel overly tired. A simple 30 minutes’ walk, a light stretching, a relaxed cycling are all good ways to improve the circulation and to unwind as well. Another great tip is to elevate the legs for 20 minutes every day: you can put them on a pillow, or even better you can lay down and lean your legs against the wall. This simple habit will take the pressure off your veins and will make a great difference in your circulation. Try it after a long walk: you will immediately feel lighter and relaxed! 



We hope you found these tips on how to boost the blood flow useful and easy to fit into your routine; we are of course looking forward to seeing you very soon in our Fulham clinic to give you a professional treatment. For any questions or assistance with booking your next massage, our team will be happy to help!

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