FMW top posture tips to prevent pain

A good posture is essential to prevent body aches and pain that, if persistent, can lead to chronic diseases which will require a long cycle of treatments to disappear. After all, the old saying “prevention is better than cure” has a lot of truth in it!

Regular deep tissue massages definitely help to improve your posture and there are also simple exercises that you can do by yourself to maintain the benefits between treatments. Today we would like to share our Fulham team’s top tips on how to keep a healthy body posture so that you can prevent pain and increase your overall well-being.

  • Take a look

The first and simplest thing to do in order to have a good posture is checking your current one. An office job with long hours sitting at the desk, intense use of electronic devices,posture 2 or incorrect training can lead to rounded shoulders, protruding neck, misalignment of the spine, pinched discs, headaches, stress and even low self-image. If we think of someone we know as confident, it will be easy to picture them standing straight, with their shoulders open and their chin up. And if it’s true that actions follow thoughts, it is also true the reverse: when we keep a good posture, we will immediately feel more confident and energetic. Therefore, it is a good practice to check our posture on a regular basis, even better if we take some side and frontal pictures of ourselves so that we can easily spot if our shoulders are rounded, if our neck is leaning forward and if our spine and hips are misaligned.

  • Open doors for open shoulders

ChestStretches1This is a really easy chest stretching exercise that can be performed at home every day and that will help to correct the shoulders position: stand in an open doorway, raise your arms up to the side, straight or bent at 90 degrees with palms forward (this will depend on the width of the door), and hold the sides stretching out your chest for 30-60 seconds. You can repeat this exercise up to three times per day, which will help to strengthen your pectoral muscles and opening your shoulders.

  • Game of thrones

How many hours do we spend every day, sitting on a chair? And if we add working on a computer or using a mobile phone the risk of taking a bad posture increases sitting positionsignificantly, as when we are busy and tired we allow our bodies to lean forward and to hunch. When we sit down for a while, let’s feel like royalty: straight back, weight evenly distributed, knees bent at a natural 90-degrees angle (in case, the chair’s height can be adjusted) and feet flat to the ground. If we need more support, we can put a rolled towel or cushion behind our lower back. Last but not least, however much we might like our thrones, let’s stand up and move for a few minutes every hour: breaking the habit of prolonged sitting will help us keeping the correct posture. Acting like a royal doesn’t apply just to sitting down: when we walk, let’s imagine we are wearing a crown and a cape. This trick will ensure our head, back and shoulders will naturally assume a straighter posture. Side effect: we will also feel fabulous!

  • Wall of fame

Another super simple exercise to ensure our back is correctly aligned when standing up or sitting down: choose a wide enough wall and stand with your back against it, with your heels about six inches away. Let your head, shoulder blades, and behind touch the wall. Slip your hand behind your lower back. If there's more than a hand's thickness, tighten your stomach to flatten the curve in your back. If there's too little space, arch your back so that your hand fits. This is your ideal posture.

  • Bedtime stories

Who doesn’t love snuggling under the covers with the remote in one hand and a favourite beverage in the other? Go ahead and treat yourself to an occasional night of channel binge watchingsurfing or Netflix binge-watching every now and then, but pay attention to how you position yourself to avoid backache. In fact, a couch or a chair would be better options than a bed when watching television or videos on the computer, according to science, in order to prevent excessive strain on the neck and lower back. However, there are simple tips to follow when lying horizontal in bed to ensure we keep a correct posture: propping some pillows behind our back for support, bending our legs and put a pillow under our knees, avoiding lying down on our back with our head bent on a large angle are some easy ways to combine comfort and good posture. And when it’s time to fall asleep, check your pillow: if you sleep on the side, which is most common, make sure your pillow is high enough to keep your neck aligned to the spine; if you sleep on your back, a thinner pillow will ensure your chin and neck to maintain a straighter and healthier position.

  • Lift me up

correct liftingWhen we have to lift a load, it would be easy to just bend over and pick it up which, especially if the load is heavy, could lead to bad posture and injuries. Instead, we can get as close as possible to the object, bend our knees and lift it up holding our stomach muscles (but not our breath!), which will help keep our back straight. Not only we will maintain a good posture, but we will also strengthen our quads and abs: win-win!

  • I’ve got your back (pocket)

Keep one or both hands in your back pockets when you are standing around. Or, if you don’t have a back pocket, just put one or both hands on hands behind backyour lower back for a few moments. This simple tip will ensure that you won’t hunch and will automatically straighten your back. Easy and effective!


We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to keep the correct posture. Our team in Fulham will be more than happy to answer to any questions or to assist you with the booking of your next massage. We look forward to seeing you at our clinic soon!


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