How massage boosts your immune system

There are surely many ways to boost our immune system: a healthy diet including plenty of water, physical exercise, a regular and quality sleep, controlled and protected exposure to sunlight, vitamin supplements, being in a good mood by keeping in touch with the people we love, helping others and engaging in fun and relaxing activities.

Did you know that a professional massage can also help boost the immune system and get your defences in a fighting fit order, which never like now has been so important? Here at Fulham Massage & Wellness we care about your health and would like to share the reasons why the types of treatments we offer in our clinic have, amongst various ones, the benefit of strengthening your immune system.

Many scientific studies have proven that receiving a deep tissue massage can increase the number of lymphocytes (the blood cells that defend the body from diseases), decrease the number of cytokines (molecules that cause inflammation, which has been correlated to conditions such asthma, cardiovascular diseases and depression) and lower the levels of cortisol, the hormone associated to stress.


Stress and immune defences are, indeed, inversely related: the higher the first, the less our body is ready to fight diseases. It is not a coincidence that, when we go through intense periods of stress, we are also more subjected to catch flu, colds or stomach bugs which will weaken us and we might feel compelled to do more, once recovered, with the risk of trapping us into vicious circles that could lead us to hospital visits, if not taken seriously.

Moreover, let’s think about what happens during surgeries: when a body needs an organ transplant, the doctors induce a “fake stress” condition in order to prevent the immune defences to reject the new organ. That’s why our immune system is really the best guardian against external aggressions and we need to keep stress at bay as much as we can.

A professional massage like the one we offer in our Fulham massage clinic is not only useful to relieve the stress, but also it cleanses your body and help balance its chemistry, which are other important factors contributing to boost the immune system.

A deep tissue massage, as well as soothing pain and body aches, improves the lymphatic drainage and stimulates blood circulation, helping flush the toxins out. The blood flow can return to the tissues where before were blocks, making you feel energised, lighter and think more clearly. Also, facilitating the blood circulation means that our lymphocytes are quicker in defending us from diseases.

Furthermore, a professional massage helps, by releasing the muscular tension, re-align the skeletal system and calming the parasympathetic system; it can soothe irritated nerves and supports the endocrine system to produce balanced body chemistry. Having hormonal balance has been proved to boost both physical and mental health, making us more resilient to stress.


Last but not least, a relaxing massage is one of the quickest and most enjoyable ways to achieve a better quality of sleep, which is again a very important factor contributing to a healthy immune system.

With the current Covid-19 pandemic going on, you might be wondering how safe is receiving a massage in a wellness centre. At Fulham Massage & Wellness, we can ensure that all our treatments are performed by qualified therapists and that, as well as adhering to high professional standards, we also have implemented exceptional measures in order to ensure impeccable hygiene at all times within our centre, therefore our professional massages are completely safe.

 Below we would like to share some additional measures we took, from the start of the Covid-19 emergency, in order to ensure the safety and health of you and our staff within our premises: 


- new moisture-resistant and tear-proof couch covers

- new, specially designed face towels with collar preventing any possible face contact with anything but a clean fresh surface

- all linen that you get in contact with is freshly washed at high temperature and will also be washed after you 

- hand sanitiser points throughout the clinic - we ask you to clean your hands as you enter the clinic

- we highly recommend and practice no handshake policy

- our therapists wash their hands inside and outside treatment rooms

- any surfaces that could be touched by you are being cleaned with antibacterial products in between treatments

- our staff is requested not to come to work if they are showing symptoms of any illnesses

- non-contact temperature checks for staff and clients

- personal protective equipment for all staff (changed for each treatment)

- safety screens at the reception area

- social distancing among staff and clients where possible

- enhanced cleaning procedures and many more


We will be very happy to respond to any queries you might have and, should you wish to receive one of our treatments here at Fulham Massage & Wellness, we will be delighted to assist you with the booking process. We are really looking forward to welcome you again, or for the first time, in our centre!

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