Greetings from Fulham Massage & Wellness team!

It has been almost three months whilst Fulham Massage & Wellness temporarily closed its doors due to Covid-19. We believe it is extremely important to stay in touch and keep you in the loop on how our team is doing these weeks. Thankfully we are all well and healthy and can’t wait to see you again – hopefully – very soon. Check out our latest updates here:


After finishing her favourite book and focusing on her physical fitness with some daily exercises, Bozena takes advantage of a great sunny weather and spends her time in nature.

“Hey there! I hope you miss me as much as I miss you! Just get your muscles ready. I will be with you soon :) .”



Being busy with learning how to play bass guitar, Andreja never forgets how important to take good care of her body as well with regular workouts.

“Take time to be kind to yourself, the body will remember it. See you all soon.”



Exercise doesn’t have to be boring! Florina enjoys finding different outdoor places with a gorgeous view where she can empty her mind and boost her mood. We can tell how cheerful she is!

“Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.”



In the last few months, Fran concentrated on her physical well-being and practicing massage, now it’s time for her to take a rest and enjoy a delicious gin and tonic under warm sunshine.

“Really looking forward to seeing all my clients soon. Hope you are all keeping safe and well and enjoying the sunshine!”



Marianna is never running out of fun activities. Her baby girl, Amy loves having her pictures taken with mummy. What lovely memories they are creating for a photo album!

“OMG! Cannot believe we are going to see each other again very soon! So looking forward to it.”



Being an animal lover, Yiota never gets fed up spending time with her flatmate’s cute dog, Mazy. As you can see she uses a massage ball as part of many activities!

“Massage balls have multiple purposes! Don’t forget yours, especially when feeling muscles aches or tightness!”



With limited available opportunities, Ildiko relies on her creative self when spending free time. This time she organised a picnic in the park! Yummy snacks and refreshments, an interesting book, a good company and wonderful weather are perfect ingredients for a well-spent afternoon.

“I hope you are all well and healthy and enjoying this gorgeous weather we have lately! I cannot wait to greet you again in the clinic!”



Israe takes advantage of a quiet London streets by taking some great photos of iconic city marks. She just can’t get enough of London!

“Dear Clients, we are all in this together! We hope you are safe and healthy. We really miss you and we are looking forward to meeting you again soon.”



Katrina is now running out of ideas of what Netflix series to watch or book to read! Sometimes it feels like she is becoming a Lady of Shalott by watching the world go by thought her window! Oh well, a nice bottle of wine and a lovely view from her apartment, all work well to refresh her mind and recharge her energy after a long day.

"Kindness is contagious – so standing apart and staying at home together will keep us all healthy. With big smiles on our faces we will soon open our doors for you!"

Katrina3 min


As she cannot travel right now, Wanda has decided to do it with her imagination so she has started brushing up her French by taking a language course online, watching movies and reading French books. It keeps her entertained in a nice way and makes her learn something new about a different culture. She can't wait to test it on a trip!

"I hope you're keeping well and safe, looking forward to seeing you soon."

Wanda reading PP


Agata (and her little assistant) has now been working on creating a risk assessment and a detailed plan to make our clinic Covid-secure.

“We miss you a lot! Can’t wait to open our door to you again! We are working hard to ensure your and our staff safety so rest assured all measure will be implemented on time.”



Each day seems to fly. Balancing office work with homeschooling and his wife’s work can be a challenge but on the plus side Fran gets to spend more quality time with his beautiful girls and they all enjoy walking through the fields.

“We’re working hard behind the scenes to create the safest protocols and clinic environment. We are all so looking forward to opening and welcoming our wonderful clients back.”




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