Greetings from Fulham Massage & Wellness team!

Our clinic is closed due to Covid-19 and all massage treatments are temporarily suspended, but our team is working remotely on treatment plans, exercise and stretching ideas. We are keeping in touch with our clients via email or over the phone giving information regarding treatments, Gift Vouchers or commonly treated conditions. We also utilise this time to improve our mental, physical, spiritual and emotional well-being! Check us out:



Quality time – Our in-house Physiotherapist and Massage Therapist, Bozena, finally found some “me-time” to read books and simply just relax. 



A lucky escape – Aline managed to fulfill her holiday plans and is now visiting her beloved Family in Brazil. We wish her an amazing time; we will keep you posted with some great photos from Aline soon!



So diligent – Andreja keeps studying for her exam which was delayed due to recent circumstances.
Good luck, Andreja! Stay focused! We admire your discipline.  



New stretching and treatment ideas – Florina is always keen to find a perfect personal treatment plan for her clients including exercises, stretching and treatment case studies with innovative techniques. Just watch this space!



Practice makes perfect – Fran’s passion for massage doesn’t let her stay hands-off for too long. Luckily, her fiancé, Josh, is always ready to receive a professional sports massage.



Exercising together – Marianna certainly doesn’t get bored during her workouts. Her beautiful baby girl, Amy keeps her occupied and insists on doing it together. 


Stay positive and flexible – Yiota focuses on her daily stretching as she knows regular exercise can boost your mood and keep you in shape. We might be showing you a picture of a perfect split soon!



Always available – Ildiko, our Office Manager, keeps our clients in the loop via our newsletter and social media posts. She is also available virtually as a receptionist so reach out by phone (02037949760) or by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you need any information. 



Get a fresh air and some perspective – Israe, our daily Receptionist, never lacks creativity when choosing locations for her daily workout.



Moon walking – Katrina, our evening Receptionist, has recently started a new practice of regular walks.
Her main daily job requires her to work from home so the time spent outdoors is perfect to keep her mind fresh and to de-stress after long sitting hours.  



What to play today – Agata, our Managing Director is happily spending time with her cute baby boy, Oliver, and creating various activities for him. Oliver has recently turned one so he now knows how to keep her busy!



Helping out – Fran, our company Director is busy picking stones on his family farm in Ireland. Just in time for planting this year’s crop. He has his lovely helpers, Ciara and Aoibhinn, on the loader.

 Fran2.2 Fran2



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