When to arrange your massage appointment when preparing for a marathon?

Marathon is one of the most impressive sport events for runners and people in general. Whether you are a professional or you take it as a hobby, participating in marathons offers you several benefits. From improving your physical strength to boosting your mental health, there are several reasons you should participate in it. However, many issues such as injuries could spring up while preparing for the race.


Some runners end up having to pull out of marathon because of different running injuries that could have been prevented. With appropriate massage therapy, you can save yourself a lot of stress by identifying and preventing possible health hazard that you can encounter while training for the big race. Sports massage is a great tool for improving your chances of finishing the marathon and preventing injuries.

To improve their chances of success, professional runners usually have a team of nutritionists, psychologists, several doctors, and the most important - massage therapists. Although this article is mainly for runners, you can take a cue from it if you are not into marathons because massages are recommended for everyone.

Benefits of a Massage

The major benefit of massage is that it relieves and relaxes muscles and repair minor scar tissues. If tension and strains in muscles are left untreated, they restrict free movement and limit your effectiveness at running, thereby stopping you from going far in the marathon.

Another important benefit of massage is that it helps speed up your recovery process. After a race or a long workout, some of your muscles experience inflammation and stress. With a properly scheduled massage plan, the recovery will be smooth and all strained tissues will heal properly. Massage has also been shown to improve mood, reduce inflammation, relieve stress and improve immune function.



When should you get your massage?

  1. Before you start the training: You must have been wondering if you should get a massage before you even put your running shoes on. While most people ignore this stage, it’s probably the most important step in preparing you for the run. Sports massage will help to identify and rectify any muscle weakness or imbalance that could potentially come up whilst you clock the miles. This is the right time to correct any problems or fix any niggles you’ve been feeling. b3
  2. During the Training: One of the ways of having a smooth training is by regular sports massage during training period. This will decrease the risk of injuries whilst the running distances and intensity of training increases. Preparing for a marathon puts a big strain on the body – regular and professional massage treatments can reboot the body and strengthen it. This will maximise your chances for completing the race. It will also help to keep your muscles fresh and decrease their stiffness.
  3. Pre-event massage: Now that you completed the training, your big test awaits. Book your pre-event sports massage. This is a must and this type of massage should be done 2 -3 days before the event. Massage at this stage isn’t going to fix any niggles or pain. You cannot open the Pandora can without having time to fix the problem. Pre-event massage will help to keep your body and mind in a relaxed state and prepare it for the test of endurance.
  4. Post-event Massage: you have done the impossible! Pat yourself on the shoulder. You have all the right to feel proud for completing the 26.2 miles. Don’t forget about the recovery though. It’s equally as important as the preparation. Book your post treatment massage 24-48 hours after the race. Post-treatment massage will help to soothe the muscles and improve your body’s recovery rate.
  5. Remedial Massage: Sometimes, marathon takes its toll on some runners. Remedial massage will help fix any problems or imbalances that occurred during the race.
  6. Regular Massage: Massage is not only beneficial to runners or athletes. There is countless evidence that shows why you need to get a massage as often as possible. It helps to improve quality of life, improve posture, reboot the mind and relieve stress. So you shouldn’t just stop going for a massage because you are done with the race. Scheduling a massage session once a month will help with your daily life and will keep your body ready for the future sporting events.


Participating for the marathon could be a life-changing experience. It involves determination, strong will, commitment and passion. By investing in massage treatments during this amazing journey you increase your chances of completing the race. With proper massage, you’ll minimise the risk of an injury before, during and after the race and your recovery will be a lot faster with post-treatment massage.

Typically, the body recovers for approximately six months after a marathon – massage can speed up the recovery and ensure the appropriate healing.

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