Therapist Spotlight - Yiota

This month we interviewed Yiota, our great massage therapist. You can find out what her inspiration is, why she became a massage therapist in first place, how she spends Christmas and what her fashion taste is like. Read the answers below to get to know Yiota better. 

Where are you from, Yiota, and why did you move to London?

I am from Greece, Athens. I came here because Athens is in crisis and London has money. Also, I came to work and try new experiences.It is nice here, I love the weather. (laughing as looking through the window to see a rainy and foggy day.) 

 Why did you choose massage as a career? 

I was going to go for physiology, but I was a bit lazy to study for that so I decided to give it a go as a massage therapist. Yiota 4I like how the body works, how you can make the person feel better right away and improve the lifestyle that somebody can have. Why live with the pain when you can avoid it, right?

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Juggling 3-4 balls together. Also, my mum's proudness, how brave I was to move to London.

What is your favourite place in London?

I like Camden Town and the Market because it has a good vibe. Also, you can choose whatever you want to eat. It is unique but too far from my place now, so I don’t visit it very often. 

What would be a perfect holiday destination for you?

An island with sandy beaches, reasonable prices, nice food. Just to chill out, a holiday is a chilling time for me. Resting, swimming, water sports maybe scuba driving.

Yiota 6

What is a perfect day off?

Wake up, have my coffee, clean my room so I can relax knowing everything is done. Meet a friend and go for lunch or dinner.

State the 5 most important things/people in your life. (thinking)

  1. My brother, he is the first person in my life.
  2. My phone, I have everything in there.
  3. Friends.
  4. My room, everything is Yiota friendly.
  5. Burger.

What does `Yiota friendly` mean?

Everything is designed for me, everything is in a comfortable position for me.

What inspires you?

Many things, it depends on what I am going to do. Nothing big, for example a sunny day inspires me to wash my hair. It is not going to be frizzy. (laughing).

What would you buy if money doesn’t matter?

Hm… New phone, my screen cracked. I dropped it by accident, and I stepped on it. (laughing)

What is your favourite cuisine in the world and why?

Yiota 5

Souvlaki, just love it. 

What would be a perfect place to live?

I really don’t have a favourite place but I definitely would like to have some company with me. Also, not a cold place, but anywhere else, I don’t mind.

How do you spend holiday seasons?

With family and friends. Either go to Athens or stay in London. This Christmas I will stay here with friends.

What is your favourite winter cloth?

I like winter hats and hats in general. I have 6-7.

This or that:

Easter or Xmas? Easter

Book or newspaper? Hm... I would go for a book.

Beer or wine? Beer

Day or night? Night

Tea or coffee? Coffee

Cinema or theatre? Cinema

Small or big city? Big city

Bath or shower? Shower

Summer or winter? Summer

Sweet or salty? Salty

Relaxing Massage or Deep Tissue Massage? Deep Tissue Massage


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