10 health benefits of massage that not many people know about

We all know that massage has numerous amounts of benefits. Whoever received a massage treatment knows how great it makes them feel. But what exactly hides behind it? Why do we actually feel so good and what exactly does massage do to us and our bodies? Let’s find out:

Relaxation – although this one is an obvious one and commonly known, many people forget how valuable it is. During our daily activities, we accumulate various amounts of relaxationpressure and releasing it through relaxation or deep tissue massage is a great way to stay calm and at ease.

Muscular system – remedial or deep tissue massage works wonders in releasing tension and pain in our muscles. Whether they are sore from physical muscular systemactivity or prolonged sitting at the desk, deep tissue massage in Fulham is very successful in easing pain and discomfort. Many soft tissue release techniques and trigger point techniques are designed to release fibrous knots and tightness leaving you feeling limber. Massage for back pain? Shoulder tension massage? Fulham Massage & Wellness is there for you!

Skeletal system – sports and deep tissue massage can help with many skeletal and postural problems such as scoliosis, lordosis or kyphosis, but that’s not it. There have skeletal systembeen a number of studies proving that massage is incredibly beneficial in preventing arthritis as it helps to offload joints and ensure correct bone and joint alignment.

Circulatory system – there is no secret to the fact that massage helps to remove toxins from the body and it improves the flow of oxygen to cells, circulatory systemincluding brain cells. The blood that circulates in the body is better nourished and it cleanses the body more sufficiently. This can be particularly beneficial for people who spend a lot of time indoors or who suffer from headaches (headache massage is actually very effective!). Massage also helps to regulate blood pressure, helping to prevent some heart conditions.

Lymphatic system –together with a circulatory system, massage enhances lymphatic drainage which is also responsible for removal of waste products. It also helps to balance fluids in the body (swelling, oedema, water excess) and it encourages the production of white cells which boosts the immune system. Especially important at this time of year!lymphatic system

Endocrine system – deep tissue or Swedish massage works in a very holistic way. One of the positive effects it brings is that it assists in balancing the body’s hormones. It hormonal balancealso enhances the production of happy hormones and decreases the production of stress hormones.

Respiratory system –great massage treatment should leave you feeling like you can breathe easier and deeper.  Releasing muscles around the chest will open your respiratory systemrespiratory area which will result in more effective breathing. That itself creates a feeling of more control and readiness to take on the world!

Digestive system – massage works great at regulating metabolism and speeding up digestion. It is a type of treatment often recommended by nutritionists and dieticians. Research has shown that regular deep tissue massage can also be helpful at battling IBS and indigestion.

Sleep – good quality sleep is precious. It is the time when our body rebalances and restores its energy. It’s an essential part of our existence. Many people suffer from lack or sleeppoor-quality sleep due to stress, overtiredness, high workload and too much stimulus which makes them harder to switch off. Massage helps with that preparation and it allows the brain and body to be able to get into the deep sleep phase quicker. Waking up more refreshed can also be noticed with regular massage treatments.

Mental health – mental health awareness is growing year by year. October is also considered as a month that promotes mental health and all practices that make us feel better. Massage for stress and relaxation massage is certainly one of these practices. Regular massage makes people feel more under control, allows them to focus easier and by releasing a happy hormone - less down or depressed. Although mental illnesses are very complex, massage plays a great role in preventing, managing and curing them.Massage mental health

Sports, deep tissue, remedial or Swedish massage can all be considered as a fantastic way to maintain health and prevent problems related to age or new living era. It is good for you on every level. It works in a holistic way, taking care of all body organs and your mental state. So why not give it a try on a regular basis?

To find out more about how massage can benefit you and your lifestyle, give us a call on 020 3794 9760. We are huge massage fans and can’t wait to show you how massage can transform your life!


Written by: Agata Dudo, Company Director, Fulham Massage & Wellness

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