5 most common complaints that we see at Fulham Massage & Wellness

As a sport, deep tissue and remedial massage clinic in Fulham, one of our main purposes is to bring pain relief and fix musculoskeletal injuries. With our extensive experience and top skills, we are rated as a 5-star place in London.  At Fulham Massage & Wellness people can receive high-quality massage treatments that truly make a difference. With hundreds of clients seen every month, here is a list of conditions we help the most with:

Neck pain 

With the shift in lifestyle during the last two decades, neck pain is, unfortunately, the most common complaint we hear about at Fulham Massage & Wellness. Although it tends Neck Painto be more common in the winter months, it is what we treat every day. Neck muscles don’t like cold and it often flares up when exposed to cold weather, draughts and air conditioning. Another cause of neck pain is poor posture and forward head. The weight of the head is quite significant and if the head is not aligned properly, it causes a strain in the neck muscles leading to pain and injury. Looking down at mobiles, computers and other devices also causes the anterior muscles to shorten which leads to imbalance.

Other examples of conditions associated with neck pain are torticollis, whiplash and tension headaches. Great neck massage involves soft tissue techniques which will free up tight muscles, release trigger points, untwist muscle kinks, ease up the base of the skull and open up the front of the neck and chest. All our therapists at Fulham Massage & Wellness undergo in-house training to be able to apply these effective techniques.

Shoulder tension

Many people say that shoulders are where they hold and carry tension or stress. We tense up when under pressure and hold on to it until we find the way to release it. However, bad posture is the most common cause of shoulder tension. Elevated (shoulders used as earrings) or rounded shoulders (shoulders turn inwards) are often a side effect of desk-based job or long hours behind the wheel.rounded shoulders

Repetitive movements and flexed based posture cause imbalance between pectorals muscles and rhomboids (front and back of the chest) leading to pain. Frozen shoulder, shoulder impingement, shoulder tendinopathy are just examples of injuries which often develop from chronic shoulder tension. Deep tissue and remedial massage therapy prove to be very successful in resetting the neuromuscular patterns and re-establishing correct posture.

Stress and tiredness 

stressLiving in London and juggling work, family, social life and physical activity mean more and more people feel the pressure of modern living. Massage therapy at Fulham Massage & Wellness is often a tool for people who just need to charge their batteries and relax body and mind. Our thorough full body deep tissue massage combines slow, deep movements which help to remove layers of tension and lighter superficial strokes which ensure blissful relaxation. The key to success is to have such treatment regularly to prevent the level of stress and tiredness from reaching a boiling point. This high-quality massage often leaves people feeling rebalanced and rejuvenated, ready to face another day, week or month.

Stiff Back

Tension in neck and shoulders is often associated with upper and middle back stiffness. Upper Cross syndrome is a condition where the anterior part of our body is tight and posterior – weak, causing hunched back and forward neck.  Upper back stiffness connects to shoulders and neck tension so all these needs to be treated together to achieve the optimum results. Pelvis imbalanceMassage treatment for stiff upper back will include the release of pectorals muscles and anterior neck and shoulders and a detailed release of trapezius, rhomboids, deltoid and rotator cuff.

Low back stiffness, on the other hand, is often tightly associated with hip and pelvis imbalance.  Increased arch in the low back, shortened hip flexor muscles, tight QL and weak gluteal muscles are just examples of direct causes of low back pain and stiffness. Treating the whole area holistically will ensure the problem is fixed, rather than temporarily camouflaged.  At Fulham Massage & Wellness we understand the science behind the stiff back and will work with you on making life changes in order to prevent the problem from coming back.

Hip pain

This complained is mostly witnessed among active or older people; however, anyone can develop pain in the hip. Pain in the hip is often difficult to pinpoint and many people hip pain 1080x675struggle to identify what sort of pain they feel. It can feel like it is quite deep and dull or sometimes it can also be sharp and bone-y.  Tightness in hip flexors and ITB, as well as weakness in glutes, are usually linked to hip problem. There are many ligaments and tendons attaching to hip and pelvis bone and therefore the knowledge of anatomy and palpation skills are essential to help effectively with hip pain. At Fulham Massage, we have both! Remedial and sports massage in Fulham can help with hip and pelvic pain.

At Fulham Massage & Wellness we only recruit therapists who have qualifications, experience and skills to help with most musculoskeletal issues. We also run regular workshops and training sessions to boost the therapists’ confidence and stay in line with the latest techniques. To find out more or to book your massage treatment with us call 02037949760 or use our booking form here.

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