Holiday and Jetlag Massage

summer holidaysWith summer just around the corner, many of us start planning holidays and getaways. Life in London can be demanding and it is important to schedule in times of leisure and relaxation. Rest and change of environment are crucial for our mental and physical health and it ensures a good work-life balance. Going away can, however, be stressful when it comes to organising, packing and traveling. Massage before and after holidays can often make the whole process much easier and less intense. If you already receive a regular massage, you can understand how massage can simply make things better.

The importance of pre-holiday massage

By the time you prepared your suitcases and booked your transport to the airport, you are often so stressed that the holidays are long overdue. Finishing all task at work, pre holiday hustlemaking sure you haven’t forgotten anything, carried endless holiday shopping and running tons of errands – can all be exhausting and very demanding. It would take a couple of days to make you feel relaxed and comfortable with the time away. Scheduling a massage just before you depart can ensure you are in the right space to enjoy the journey and preparation. At the time that you are so busy trying to handle everything, having a massage is actually the best you can do for yourself. It will relax your body and help you focus. You will find yourself handling the preparation much more efficiently.

Deep Tissue Massage will make your holiday more enjoyable

Travelling is also much easier whilst you are not in pain. Neck tension, back niggles, tight leg muscles – all make the time on the plane much more uncomfortable than it should be. Good quality deep tissue massage before traveling will loosen up your tension and prepare your body for the discomfort it might be exposed to. You will also find coping with different holiday beds, pillows, and additional holiday activities much easier. All of these can make your holiday much more enjoyable and memorable.

Why invest in jetlag massage?

Long flights and time difference can often leave your body feeling shuttered. Coming back from a lovely holiday into a normal day to day reality with jetlag can spoil the experience. Jetlag massage on the day of return can be the best time and money investment you can make.

Jetlag massage includes long, slow, deep strokes which will help to bring balance to your body. It will relax you and help to restore a good sleeping pattern. Jetlag massage focuses on the neck, shoulder and head tension – the areas which often suffer the most during a long haul journey. Your therapist will try to massage your whole body – back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, head and face (unless you specify differently) in order to enhance lymphatic drainage and blood flow. This will clear your body from all toxins, acids, waste products and re-balance your hormones. You will, therefore, find yourself feeling instantly better, able to find your feet again.istock jetlagmassage

Traveling for long hours is rarely enjoyable or comfortable but by receiving a full body massage before and after your holidays, you can ensure it is as easy and manageable as it can be. Transition times can also be shortened by ensuring your body and mind is relaxed. Having a good quality holiday and jetlag massage will also give you more patience, strength and positivity to handle things that can sometimes go wrong on holidays. It’s an investment that always pays off. So why not give it a go?

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