Wellness Products at Fulham Massage & Wellness

Massage is what we know and love best at Fulham Massage & Wellness. However, we understand that there are plenty of wellness products we can offer in order to complemet our amazing massage treatments.Here is a list of our carefully researched wellness products that we offer to purchase at our clinic:

1. Epsom Salts  -  £7 per pack (500g)

Epsom salt is also known as magnesium sulfate. It's a chemical compound made up of magnesium, sulfur, and oxygen. Epsom salt helps to relax tired, stiff and Epsom Saltsaching muscles and soothes swelling. 

People use it to ease health problems, such as muscle soreness and stress. It's also affordable, easy to use, and harmless when used appropriately.

 Instructions for use:

  • Dissolve salt in a bath of approx. 36-40°C. - This is a normal hot bath temperature
  • Relax and soak for around 15-20 minutes
  • For muscle relaxations use 500g-1Kg of salt per regular sized bath
  • For general wellbeing use approx. 250g to 500g

 We often recommend having an Epsom salt bath after the treatment to soothe the post massage soreness and prolong the benefits of the treatment. To find out more about how epsom salts work, read here


2. Foam Rollers  -   £16 per roller

What does a foam roller help with?

Foam RollersUsing a foam roller is essentially an additional way to give yourself a quick, regular deep tissue massage. By slowly rolling over various areas of your body, you'll help break up adhesions and scar tissue and speed up the healing and recovery process after your workout. They are very good to use in between massage sessions to get some additional results on the stubborn, chronic and tight areas. 

Rolling is relatively easy, but here are our top 3 Key Foam Rolling Mistakes To Avoid:

  • You Roll Directly Where You Feel Pain- --When we feel pain, our first inclination is to massage that spot directly. However, this might be a big mistake. Go indirect before direct. If you find a spot that’s sensitive, it’s a cue to ease away from that area by a few inches. Take time and work a more localized region around areas that feel sore before using larger, sweeping motions,
  • Rolling Too Fast — Avoid rolling too quickly; your movements on the foam roller should be slow and concentrated. If you roll too fast, your muscles won't have time to adapt to and manage the compression, and you're not going to eliminate adhesions.
  • Spending Too Much Time on Knots — It's OK to work on your knots using the foam roller, but if you spend five or 10 minutes on the same spot, you could cause damage to the tissue or nerves. This is especially true if you also attempt to place your entire weight on the knot.

foam roller

3. Green People Organic Products 

Green People is a forward-thinking brand specialising in organic skin and hair care products. With an extensive range of natural products – shampoos, soaps, face creams & body washes to name just a few – it is one of the biggest names in organic beauty in the UK.

Green People


4. Heat or/and ice pack  - £16 

 Heat or ice packs are designed to provide an extra support in case of pain or injury. They are often recommended to use in order to soothe the muscles or injuried 

Heat packarea and to stimulate the blood flow to the area for the enhanced healing.

The general rule is to apply the heat when an injury is ongoing or in an event of muscle tightness and to apply ice when trying to get rid of inflammation – immediately after the injury happened or when feeling sharp pains.

Feel free to ask questions about our wellness products when visiting Fulham Massage & Wellness!  

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