My experience at Un1t, fitness studio in Fulham

Read what John, our Front of House, thinks about local Fulham studio which he visited in October: 

"I visited Un1t in Fulham for the first time to experience one of their strength based classes. The facility was very easy to find on Wandsworth Bridge Road and as I went downstairs to reception I was greeted by Josh who was the coach for the session.

He was very welcoming and informative on what the class would entail and answered any question I had. The facility itself is very clean, reception is welcoming and the work out area is purpose build to carry out any type of exercise. The décor is all black which not only looks really cool; it does put you in the mind-set ready to work out!

My session was an hour long, Strength building session. There were 4 stations set out ready to go: Deadlift, Bent over Rows, Kettlebell Lunges and Bench Press. Josh was fantastic at going through and explaining each station and what he wanted us to focus on in terms of technique, timing and what muscles we are focussing on. There was a good, all body warm up before starting and then the group split into pairs to work through the different stations. One person would work, the other rested and this was brilliant because not only did you get to work hard and also get the rest you required, it encouraged some great comradery with in the pairs and made it very easy to meet new people. Even though it was a mixed ability class, Josh got the best out of everyone, was attentive and always encouraging. Along with Josh’s approach, the music and general vibe made it a really fun and focussed environment to be. To finish we did 8mins of Cardio to burn off any energy we may have had left and did a good stretch off to finish.

            I’m someone who enjoys challenging workouts and pushing myself, I felt this was a great class to work hard. That being said, the class set up is very easy to follow and would be suitable for anyone who wants to try something this, novice or not. There is a definite plan and direction with their workouts and it’s easily to follow the progression they have planned through the weeks. I’ll be back for more!"


If you are interested in training at Un1t, visit their website for more information:


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