Client Spotlight - Stéphanie Achar

One of our mission statements at Fulham Massage & Wellness is to inspire our clients to improve their lives. We feel very privileged to provide a continuous support to our massage users so they can live their lives to the fullest, moving freely and pain free. Since we opened our doors to people of Fulham and sourranding areas, we have come across many clients who are a real inspirations to us. Client Spotlight is a new blog we have launched to share with you the stories  of some of our amazing clients. Stéphanie Achar has been a client of ours since nearly the first day we were open. She recently qualified to become nutritional therapist and health coach at Simple + Healthy. Read her story here:

Hello Stéphanie! Where did you grow up?Stephanie Achar

I am French. I grew up in Paris and left when I was 20 to live in New York City and then London. I used to live in Chelsea then moved to Fulham when my husband and I decided to buy a house for our family.

Have you got a family?

I have 3 children.

What made you want to become a nutritional therapist and health coach?

I needed a shift in my life. I was looking for a better state of wellbeing. Nutrition was one key aspect of this change. Health coaching came after as I realised I wanted to tailor my approach to each individual and follow them step by step through their change. Having an awareness of someone’s psychology is the key to be able to help people on their journey.

What were you doing before and did this prompt a career change?

I used to work for magazines at Conde Nast - Vogue and Conde Nast Traveller. I wanted to explore and satisfy my need, as well as other people's, desire for a healthier lifestyle, which would respect both our psychology and body.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness means balance, self-care, and a healthy equilibrium between mind and body. It means a lot to me because we all spend years pushing ourselves trying to obtain happiness while we are actually sitting on it. Finding happiness is a combination of self-awareness and art de vivre (way of life).

What is it about massage that you like the most?

I have always loved massages.  I become conscious of the tensions in my body and relax through them. Massages have always nourished both my body and soul.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I see myself as a maturing woman who is trying to embrace life while practising self-care, awareness and kindness.

Why is nutrition so important these days?

Nutrition is one of the first steps to good health. Hippocrates used to say that “Food is medicine”. We have forgotten how our culinary traditions kept us away from chronic diseases and it's only recently we are realising the damaging impact that our ultra-processed food has had on our health. 

What does a health coach do and who can they help?

A health coach listens to you with empathy and helps you create a future that you want to grow into. Health coaches also put you in a resourceful state and are very solution focused. It benefits anyone who is motived for change.

Thank you very much, Stéphanie. If you're interested in nutritional therapy or health coaching, get in touch with Stéphanie directly by visiting her website Simple + Healthy

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