Why regular massage makes a difference?

Massage can be a wonderful way to relax, relieve pain, manage stress or improve flexibility. You’ve probably felt amazing after a massage treatment and had your therapist advise you that your shoulders/legs needed some further work. This article is aimed at helping you to understand the reasons why using massage on a regular basis can help you to achieve more from life. If you already feel good and massage helps to keep you that way, you’ll probably understand what works for you. If not we’ll talk about the reasons why getting a regular massage is an excellent idea.

Regular massage is what smarter people do

Have you ever wondered why some people are luckier in life? If you look into more detail they’re often better organised, action-focused and set goals for those things that they want from life. Massage can be used for pain and stress relief, remedial correction, maintenance, prevention or for wellness enhancement. By only scheduling a massage when you need relief you are re-acting to the circumstances that have built up. Smart people schedule a regular massage at a frequency that works for their body to prevent or manage pain and stress. Sometimes they choose massage to help them perform at their best. Most regular massage users initially found massage through need. Something hurt, felt too tight or they just needed the pressure to be taken off. Next time you experience pain, choose to take charge, learn what caused it, experiment with finding a regular massage frequency that works for you and helps you be the best version of you.


It’s how massage works

Nothing can beat the feeling of human touch. Most people recognise that therapeutic touch can relieve pain and sweep away stress. But how does massage work? Massage physically untwists the muscles, stretches soft tissues and breaks down adhesions and scar tissue. However, it’s most important feature is how it encourages the brain to re-connect with body parts that are “lost” from its memory network. By triggering pain using the application of pressure, massage re-ignites the neuro-muscular connection between the brain and hypertonic muscles, thus enabling the brain to switch off and re-boot the muscles. Regularly repeating this process teaches the muscles to behave as designed, keeping them pain-free and performing at their best.

Massage cleans your body systems

It may seem odd to compare massage to house cleaning but they play a similar role. As with your home, your body also benefits from regular cleaning. We know that our skin and hair require frequent cleansing to wash away dust, dead skin and gland excretions. Inside our body also produces naturally occurring waste products and toxins. These accumulate as a result of exercise – lactic acid, trauma – scar tissue/inflammation and digestion – salts/chemicals. Deep tissue massage combs and cleans the soft tissue fibres to free them of scar tissue, knots and adhesions. Deep pressure massage can break down the more solid abrasive waste products, however, all massage influences circulation and aids the lymphatic system in the removal of natural toxins and waste. Cleaner bodies feel better, function at ease and enable you to live a more energetic life.

Massage unwinds the clock

We’re not suggesting that massage will make you younger, but it can leave you feeling younger. A lot of pain and dysfunction comes from habitual ways we move, eat or behave. If your muscular tension is caused by an inactive, stress loaded desk job - scheduling a regular massage at the frequency to counterbalance those effects can unwind the clock to leave you with a clean slate. Thus feeling looser, less pressured and with clearer thinking. Previous trauma and injuries can continue to plague us for the rest of our lives. However, using massage to manage and contain the symptom can make it possible to live a full life by minimising the negative effects. The frequency of massage visits will be determined by how long you’ve suffered for, what your current lifestyle habits are and the quality of the massage that you receive.

Re-train your body using massage

In the technological era we’ve all become familiar with the need to re-boot computers, service cars and re-calibrate weighing scales. It’s recognised that constant use can gradually unbalance or knock a device out of sync. The human body can also re-act this way to a lack of downtime. It’s very common to see people with hypertonic muscles – that means the muscles have lost the ability to switch off by themselves. Massage helps to re-train hypertonic muscles by manually switching them off. Regular treatments help to shift the cellular memory of muscles to teach them to be relaxed as a default setting. This means that when you need to use your muscles they’ll be stronger with the energy stored to give you a boost and enable you to live life with more spring in your step!

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