Why investing in Personal Training and Sports Massage?

Exercise is what all healthcare practitioners recommend in order to lead a healthy life. Together with regular diet, quality sleep and reasonable work-life balance, it can create the sense of wellness. However, throughout the recent years, it became noticeable that for many people exercises can bring a completely opposite result – pain, injury, tightness.

There are many factors worth looking into when deciding to take upon sport or activity. Muscle imbalance, inappropriate footwear, poor technique, wrong training regime are the1 most common causes of serious musculoskeletal injuries. This lack of knowledge often results in causing a significant damage and therefore forcing us to stop physical activities. Fortunately, there are ways to be able to exercise safely and enjoy it for a very long time. And it doesn’t necessarily include completing a Ph.D. in exercise science!

2Working with a Personal Trainer is the very top of the list. Trainers aren’t just “a carrot and a stick” type of tools. Yes, they aim to motivate us when a list of excuses to drop out of exercises becomes longer. Yes, they often help us to move our boundaries of a physical comfort zone and then take a bit of credit for our personal bests! But the main reason for working out with a PT is the safety. With their extensive education, case studies, experience and knowledge, they are able to spot underactive glut muscles, upper cross syndromes, core weakness, tightness in the hamstrings or even ankle instability. Great Personal Trainers create a programme that helps to balance 3all body parts, increase the fitness and strengthen the muscular system in a healthy manner.  They are also monitoring the technique, feet position, range of movement, finding the restrictions and helping to build stability in the body. They are the guardians of your goals – protecting them, making them achievable, enjoyable and safe!

Regular sports massage can also play a great role in ensuring long-term activity. It is very important to implement the regular massage sessions from the very beginning of a new training regime. During the first weeks, the body adjusts to the type of exercises that were never exposed before. Additionally, the4 repetitive movement pattern becomes tiring for muscles which are still not strong enough to sustain it. Sports massage helps to recover the muscles quickly and prepare them for the workouts. Exercising involves hundreds of chemical and neurological reactions in the human body. One of the reactions is creating energy – a fuel for muscles and organs to move. As with many chemical reactions, during the processes of energy production and muscle repair, some waste product or byproducts are also produced. The increased circulation during the massage flushes the acids and waste products from the muscles. These natural poisons, if left in the muscles for a long time, cause damage, restriction and decrease the natural ability for the tissue to repair – leading to an injury.

Sports massage for exercise lovers is also very beneficial in identifying tightness, restriction and imbalance. Most of sports massage therapists are able to palpate the unhealthy tissue, loosen up the tension, release any trigger points, melt the soft tissue/ fascia and advise on how to correct any imbalance. In many cases, sports massage therapists will also be able to cooperate with Personal Trainers in order to create the safest and most beneficial exercise programme. This extremely effective injury prevention tool has become more and more popular among the general population.

6Sports massage has also been very useful in treating and managing the existing injuries. The ultimate aim of sports massage is to restore function back to the damaged tissues. Whether the damage took place through a sports injury, or traumas or was a result of chronic repetitive strain, it reacts well to sports massage techniques. Additionally, this type of treatment helps to manage a pain and dysfunction within the soft tissues. Sports massage therapists have knowledge and skills to advice on specific stretches or corrective exercises which would help to speed up the recovery.

Healthy lifestyle and a trend of “wellness era” are signs of a great change happening in our world. We finally start to notice the importance of looking after ourselves. It is essential to do it properly. In choosing the Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist, looking for the knowledge, education and care is compulsory. At the end, we are handing our health into other peoples’ hands…7


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