What "Fulham Massage & Wellness" is all about!

A few weeks, on one of the December afternoons, all members of Fulham Massage & Wellness have gathered together to participate in a workshop. The aim was to establish an inner culture and bring everyone to the same page as to why we are doing what we’re doing. We wanted to create a sense of purpose for our clinic so when the team grows, we can have a set standard and be able to execute it every day.

We started with a little appreciation exercise and here was what we thought each person brings to our team: 

Inga - a smile, feeling of being welcomed, cosiness, warmth 
Helene - a positive energy, spirituality, passion for massage and food :)
Jonathan - an eagerness, hunger to learn and enthusiasm
Carly - holistic approach (from massage, yoga, Pilates), longest experience in the team 
Donna - reassurance, innovation, willingness to contribute, creativity 
Jayne - a "human touch", lightness, easiness, care
Agata - support, expertise, training, structure, bringing everyone together

Bozena – reliability, willingness to help, understanding, friendly, positive

Fran – encouragement of growth and development, support, care, motivation, attention to details

We, then, talked about the difference between workgroup and team. The analogy brought by Donna was that a team is like a spider - the body is Fulham Massage and Wellness and each team member is the leg – our mission will only work if we work together. We also had analogy of dandelion (we are a stem and our clients are petals) and a "baby" - team always works together to achieve a higher purpose, looks after the baby (in this case FMW)

Our next step was to create a vision board of what was important to all of us and we mentioned inspiring clients, leading by example. Attached are the pictures of the boards. Group 1 created a leading slogan: "It takes team work to make the dream work".



And Group 2: "Breathe, Grow and Flourish for life!" 

image2 2


From there, our facilitator, Johnny, wanted us to come up with 4 values that are crucial for every single person at FMW and after a bit of discussion we ended up with following values: 

A. Professionalism
B. Self-Care
C. Communication
D. Superior Service

We already strongly believe in them and are serving our clients using these values. We don't want to change the values; we want to focus on bringing our strengths even higher up.

The last part was to create 2 standards or behaviour that we can all commit to in order to protect the values above. The key here was for every team member to agree to it - if one person wasn't happy with the certain standard, it wasn't going to be on the list. Our final version included: 

A. Professionalism 
- continues personal development (minimum of 30 hours a year)
- arriving 15min before the shift (for therapists) or 5 minutes for reception staff

B. Self-Care
- receiving a massage at least 1 x month
- protecting your passion (do something that you love at least 1x a month, e.g. Read a book, horse ride, dance, meditate, go for a walk, see a movie, etc.)

C. Communication 
- repeat and respond (repeat what client expects/ needs and respond to that, e.g. "So from what you're saying the main priority today is your shoulder, but we also massage your back, neck and legs. Is that right?") 
- verify understanding (always ensure the client understands you - when taking a booking, giving advice, creating a treatment plan, etc)

D. Superior Service
- instant acknowledgment (saying hello to the client, visitor or another team member as soon as we see them)
- offering a glass of water 

We are planning to use our vision boards as a legacy (they will be framed and hung in the staff room). They are inspirational and also a great reminder of why are we doing what we doing. We are also looking to allocate some of our team members as guardians of each value because it takes a team to create a dream... 

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