How massages are a form of stress relief

London is a magnificent city to live in – it’s parks, transport system, restaurants, museums and jobs market attract the very best of people from all over the world. However, it is also a busy city where many inhabitants burn the candle at both ends – active lifestyles, high pressured jobs, lots of travel and with the invention of smartphones we’re all switched on 7 days a week. Even tiredness and poor diet can be stresses on the mind and body. Stress is normal, it’s not successful but it is normal – it’s part of life. You must learn to handle stress so that you can manage the circumstances of life to get the health and lifestyle outcome of your choosing.


Stress relief and massage therapy

Having a massage can be a very effective form of stress relief. Deep tissue massage can melt away muscular tension, leaving you feeling physically lighter than before. As the muscles relax, blood finds it easier to access the soft tissues – bringing in nutrients and oxygen to repair, boost and replenish damaged and tired fibres. Replenished muscles feel more vibrant and ready to fire up when called upon. Having a regular massage in Fulham, especially in times of stress can really help you to be at your best and keep the negative effects of stress at bay.


Lymphatic drainage for stress relief

Lymphatic drainage and stress reliefAll forms of quality massage can have a positive impact on the lymphatic drainage of the body. In times of stress, we often consume more rubbish foods, alcohol and our digestive system often struggles with the breakdown of foods – starving us of the nutritional benefits. This combination can often leave a stress sufferer feeling lethargic, stagnant or without brain power. Naturally occurring acids and unprocessed food chemicals can linger in our bodies denying us of the energy to exercise, think effectively or break free from the cycle of stress. As massage releases the muscles, the skeletal system re-aligns to help remove twists and kinks from the body. Blood flow and circulation can now return to starved tissue areas, flushing the toxins out and boosting the lymphatic removal and drainage. You may feel a little chemically challenged in the short term but you may also feel quite euphoric and energised in the following hours and days as the body clears away the toxic backlog. A cleaner blood flow will enable you to think clearer as the brain benefits from extra oxygen. This can leave you feeling de-stressed and with the choice to make better decisions.


Nervous energy – how massage can help?

Being under constant stress for a number of years can leave someone exhibiting signs of a nervous composition. They can seem edgy as if expecting something negative to happen any minute. Evennervous energy and massage if this level of executive stress has been allowed to set in it is still possible to manage it using regular massage treatments. Remedial and deep tissue massage can take the pressure off the nerves by releasing the compression caused by having tight muscles. As the physical compression is reduced, normal blood flow resumes washing out lactic and carbonic acids that may have been irritating the nerve endings. Massage can also have a calming effect on the parasympathetic system restoring the endocrine system to produce a balanced state of body chemistry. As in the pharmaceutical industry, massage therapists believe that a balanced chemical state leads to healthier physical and mental health.


Stress weakens the immune system

Periods of prolonged stress can damage the resilience of the immune system. Sleeplessness, poor diet, increased cortisone and adrenalin levels and mental chatter can leave the sufferer exhausted and feeling stuck in a place of a negative outlook. A vicious circle can begin where exercise and hobbies get dropped and the effectiveness of work tasks can diminish the meaning that they have to spend even more time at work. Colds, flu and stomach bugs thrive in circumstances where our immune systems are low and if bad enough it can also lead to hospital visits. Massage can have a positive effect on boosting our immune systems. Our massage clients in Fulham report that they usually enjoy a deeper sleep for a number of days after a treatment. Fulham people seeking stress relief using massage also find that massage can aid their immune system in fighting disease. Following a course of treatments, many find themselves sleeping better, more energised and feeling cleansed as a result of improved lymphatic drainage and increased blood flow. This enables the immune system to be in fighting fit order ready to see you through life’s challenges.immune system and massage


Repetitive stress injury massage 

In times of work deadlines, prolonged office hours or repetitive activities our muscles can become exposed to tiredness, strain and lead to the development of pain. Incorrect sitting positions, too much mouse work, mental pressure and lack of movement can fatigue muscles causing them to perform poorly, lose function or suffer from pain. Sports and remedial massage in Fulham for repetitive strain injuries can relieve pain, correct muscular imbalances and restore normal function to overused muscles. Carpal tunnel pain, thoracic outlet syndrome and tennis elbow to name a few symptoms can be irepetitive strain injurymproved using deep tissue massage techniques designed to take pressure off the joints and restore the skeletal position that supports normal function. If you suffer pain from a repetitive strain injury in the Fulham SW6 area, give us a call and we will match you with one of our suitably qualified massage therapists to help you to return pain-free.


How often should I get a massage for stress relief?

Most people come to Fulham Massage & Wellness suffering from pain, tension or discomfort on their initial treatment. Usually, after a course of three treatments our client’s symptoms have gone or reduced to a manageable state and some clients then choose to come at a frequency of regularity to stay feeling better. Most people find that a full body massage that goes deep enough into the muscle fibres to give some long-lasting release will keep them feeling good for a period of a few weeks. Scheduling a massage once per month can keep your levels of stress at bay enabling you to manage the stresses of life. During a stressful period it is important to adjust the frequency of massage regularity to counter balance the stresses of life, be they physical, mental, emotional or chemical stresses at that time.

If you have a busy life and would like to see how massage can help you to better manage or master how you handle stress, then give us a call on 020 3794 9760. We will endeavour to match you up with the therapist who has the skills and experience to best suit your needs.

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