Massage for teenagers

In this blog we focus our attention on a little known category of massage recipients – teenagers who can benefit in an extraordinary way from massage treatments - during various occasions of need. Being a teenager has never been an easy life stage but in the modern era the pressures placed on young people seems to have grown. Social media expectations, exam and school enrolment pressure, extracurricular activities, packed schedules and technology advances can force our youth to experience adult responsibilities before their time. Massage for teenagers is a tried and tested solution to help teenagers through some of the most physical, mental and emotional challenges that these developing years can throw at them.

Stress relief for teenagers in Fulham

When you search the internet for stress relief for teenagers in Fulham there is a lot of content related to teen mental health, psychotherapy and counselling. The term “parenting teenagers is hard” also stands out and implies that this stage of life presents a challenge to many teenager/parent relationships in Fulham, London and beyond. This is a development stage for our youth and an opportunity to teach them valuable coping and stress management mechanisms and habits that can support them through life’s stressful situations. One effective stress management tool to support teens in times of physical, mental or emotional stress is massage therapy. A series of massage treatments for teenagers can boost resilience, offer a supportive hand, calm nervous and emotional states - promoting a sense of mental clarity and confidence of knowing your purpose again.

Teenage growing pains – how can massage help?

Teenagers experience growth spurts that can sometimes lead to joint and muscle pain. Osgood-schlatter disease is a teenage knee condition that causes inflammation and pain in Fulham adolescents. Teenage knee pain can be managed using sports massage and remedial massage to support the growing muscles and promote the stability and balance necessary for the muscles, tendons and ligaments to function pain free. The spinal curvature condition of scoliosis, also common amongst Parsons Green teenagers, affects mostly girls before or during puberty. We have had teenage scoliosis sufferers who have significantly benefitted from deep tissue massage which focuses on coaxing the dominant muscle groups to release their grip from pulling the spine sideways – enabling better skeletal alignment. This is also a valuable time to coach teenagers on the impact of carrying shoulder bags and help teach awareness to lifestyle habits of sofa slouching, smartphone neck and posture.

Teenage school pressures – eleven-plus exams

Fulham parents generally place a high value on their teenager’s education as a means to help them succeed in adult life. We want to enrol our children in the best schools in the Parsons Green area but with competition for places and the dreaded eleven-plus exam, it can very easily slide into a rat race of pressure, guilt, tuition and exam stress. The psychological strain endured by school children, teenagers and mums then snowballs into the fast approaching hurdles of GCSEs, A-levels and University exams. Teenagers often feel that they are expected to decide at age 15 what career they want to pursue for the rest of their lives, and there are many advocates beating the drum of importance as to why they must. All this can bring on feelings of stress, pressure and a fear of failure. Massage can help teenagers suffering from Fulham exam stress by releasing muscle tension, enabling better blood flow to the brain, and helping them feel supported during a time of need.

Massage for teenagers involved in sport – Putney rowing clubs

Sports and activities play a vital role in the physical and social development of adolescents. However, just as too little physical activity can have a negative effect on health, too much physical activity can also have a detrimental effect. Many school or club sports have become very competitive and the training regimes have toughened up as a result. Rowing and swimming clubs often start training at 6am and you will see many healthy teenagers of the Putney rowing clubs out on the river enjoying the sunrise. There is no denying that this is healthy, but exercise must be managed, especially during times of growth spurts, muscle bulking and restless days that are packed with school and other extracurricular activities. Sports massage can help support recovery from workouts, prevent muscle imbalances, and promote functional muscle memory that can lead to greater physical resilience, performance and success on the playing field. Over training in teenage years or developing niggly injuries can carry over and plague them into adulthood. The time of power is now and implementing massage as a means to support the physical pursuits of your teenager may prove an investment worth making. If you’d like to discuss how massage can best help your sporting teenager please give us a call on 020 3794 9760.

Fulham massage for teenage insomnia

Many teens suffer from sleep deprivation and insomnia. That means difficulty falling or staying asleep, and regularly feeling unrested despite having enough time in bed. Teenagers who suffer from sleep disorders can experience irritability, mood swings and depression. This can have a negative impact on family relationships, school performance and confidence levels. Research has shown that massage can reduce anxiety and increase relaxation to help restore deeper sleep patterns. With long school days, extracurricular sports, activities and action packed social media interactions there can be little time to rest and switch off. The brain can become too tired to switch off by itself, requiring a helping hand. If you have concerns for your teen’s sleep patterns and would like to try massage as a means to help get them back on track, give us a call on 020 3794 9760 and we be delighted to help.

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