Best Massage for runners in Fulham

runningRunning is one of the most common sporting activities around Fulham and Parsons Green. What not to like? A light recreational jog along the New King’s Road or slightly more competitive training with Fulham Running Club at Bishops Park? The options are there. Running is for everyone and it is a great physical and mental activity. However, there is more to running than just running! Here are some great tips on how to run safely and enjoy it more!

One of the most common reasons people stop running is due to an injury or pain. Therefore it is important to implement regular stretching, foam rolling and massage treatments into the running routine. Massage in Fulham is the best preventative and maintenance tool for people who want to stay active and run more efficiently. Here is a comparison on what massage is the best for runners and what effect it has on the body.

Sports Massage for Runners in Fulham

deep tissue massage 460Sports massage for runners aims to identify any imbalance and correct musculoskeletal problems that occur when running. It boosts the blood flow which enhances the healing process. Sports massage for runners also implements soft tissue techniques which mobilise joints, increase range of movement and speed up recovery. It is advisable to have a regular sports massage in Fulham every 2-4 weeks in order to enhance running performance. This type of treatment can be a bit uncomfortable due to the pressure and techniques used, but most people admit it’s a good relieving pain. It is also one of the most effective hands on treatments available for active people.  Pre and post event sports massage is also very popular in case of any running events such as marathons, half marathons, 10k runs or even park runs. It prepares the body and mind for the big day and soothes the soreness after the performance.

Deep Tissue for Runners in Fulham

Deep tissue massage for runners is also very effective. It focuses on loosening up tight muscles and soothing the tissues after long runs. It also helps to flush all the acids, waste products and toxins that are secondary products in the muscles as a part of energy creating chemical processes. It also works on loosening up fascia (read more about fascias fulham: Deep tissue massage for runners ensures the body gets a general MOT, especially if the treatments cover a full body area (always recommended for the best results). It gives all the bodily systems ability to synchronise again: respiratory system, digestive system, muscular and skeletal system, endocrine system and neural system – all necessary to work in harmony to maintain an optimum health! Deep tissue massage for runners reboots the entire body and therefore teaches it how to run efficiently, without compensation.

Stretches for Runners

Stretching should also be a part of the running regime. In many cases, they can be a part of the massage treatments, but it is advisable to stretch before and after each run.  Here are just a few examples of best stretches for runners:

quad stretchadductor stretchcalf stretchhamstring stretchhip flexorshin stretch

Running and foam rolling

rollingFoam rolling becomes a very common practice among runners and it has a great effect on breaking down any scar tissue as well as lengthening tight muscles. It is important to remember that all rollers come with a different density. Most experts advise using a softer roller to start with and then progress to harder, denser roller, even these with spikes to provide additional trigger point release aspect.

All in all, runners’ needs in Fulham don’t just limit themselves into stretching and rolling though. Sports or deep tissue massage for runners is a necessity in order to ensure safe, enjoyable and long term running experience. To find out even more about what is the best massage for runners in fulham, check our article:

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