Scar Tissue Massage

scar tissueScar tissue massage is a treatment focused on rehabilitating damaged or traumatised muscles, ligaments or tendons. One of the most common reasons people seek scar tissue massage in Fulham is to help them with post-surgical recovery. However, scar tissue massage can benefit many issues in your tissues by improving the range of movement, boosting lymphatic drainage, lengthening muscle groups and removing calcification from soft tissues. Most quality deep tissue massage treatments will have a positive effect on scar tissue, but to get best results on a problematic body part it may be necessary to employ sports massage specific to scar tissue breakdown.

What Causes Scar Tissue

We’ve mentioned breaking down scar tissue earlier, but why would scar tissue form in the body in the first place? The body has a natural healing process to repair damage to scar tissue 2our muscles, bones, ligaments and tendons. When trauma occurs in the body, a fight or flight response activates, where the body wants to repair damage as quickly as possible. As a priority the body will want to contain blood loss, and patch things up quickly to enable you to move away from danger. It produces a web like structure to criss-cross the area of trauma, wrapping it up like a bandage.

Why remove scar tissue

The problem is that if you don’t remove a bandage, in time it will create secondary problems by restricting the natural movement of the body. Muscles are designed to shorten when contracted and elongate when relaxed. Scar tissue, by design, interrupts the lengthening of muscles as it bundles the fibres together by producing a series of web structures across the long fibres. This effectively makes the muscle shorter and creates a pulling pressure on the joint above or below the scar tissue – often causing pain, discomfort or dysfunction.

Ways that massage can help scar tissue

scar tissue massageMassage Fulham helps remove scar tissue by physically grooming the fibres to run with the muscle movement rather than against it. Your massage therapist can use several techniques such as friction and deep tissue massage in Fulham to physically break the scar tissue particles apart, and manipulate the existing muscle fibres back to the original state of movement before trauma. Often scar tissue is noticeably bumpy or crunchy in texture and you will feel that it reduces in size during the treatment.

Post-surgical massage to break down scar tissue

Post-surgical recovery time can be reduced by using scar tissue massage to aid the healing process. Sports massage Fulham can be a gentle but effective method in significantly speeding up recovery after invasive operations such as caesarean sections. Massaging the healing tissue can dissolve adhesions and knots that build up when the scar repairs. This helps the dissected muscles to knit back together enabling a return to normal function in less time. To find a massage near me in Fulham please give our clinic a call on 020 3794 9760.

Massage to manage chronic scar tissue

Sometimes scar tissue can build up over many years. Poor posture or old injuries can limit the range of movement in a joint leading to dysfunctional movement – the resulting lack of movement can contribute to the build-up of adhesions and scar tissue. Sports massage Fulham can have a positive effect in the management and breakdown of chronic scar tissue. It is possible to reduce the scar tissue to enable a return of normal function and range of movement to the joints affected by restriction.

Scar tissue caused by diet

scar tissue dietBody trauma can be caused by both physical and chemical causes. An acidic diet over a period of time can deposit a calcified build-up in areas of restricted movement or poor lymphatic drainage. All massage boosts lymphatic drainage, especially deep tissue massage that untwists the kinks in musculature - allowing blood flow into and waste drainage out of the soft tissues. Massage Fulham can boost the body’s circulation to remove large quantities of lactic and carbonic acid that can be irritating the nerve fibres. Scar tissue massage can also breakdown the build-up of calcification into smaller particles to ease its removal in the bloodstream.

Massage to prevent scar tissue

Regular massage can have wide ranging benefits such as injury prevention, relaxation, and enhanced mental performance. Many of the true benefits are never acknowledged as some of the greatest benefits that massage can deliver are hidden in the list of ailments that regular massage can prevent. Regular deep tissue massage can certainly help to prevent scar tissue from taking hold in the first place. Grooming the muscle fibres and combing knots out of the tendons using sports massage techniques creates space in the joints to allow enhanced movement, blood circulation and lymphatic removal. When these three conditions are met, it is almost impossible for scar tissue to build up in the first place.

If you’re looking for a massage near me in Fulham or Parson’s Green to treat or prevent scar tissue give us a call at Fulham Massage & Wellness and we will endeavour to help you.

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