Bodywork Fulham

Bodywork is a term sometimes used to describe the manual mobilisation and treatment of your physical body. It usually implies that the treatment is more remedial focused – that your outcome is to achieve a better body position, function, posture or movement. Usually the motivation to seek out bodywork will have been triggered by pain, ache or physical discomfort.

Massage and Bodywork in Fulham

What is the difference between massage and bodywork fulham? All bodywork involves some level of massaging/releasing the soft tissues of our body. However, not all massage therapists are bodyworkers. Massage therapists who are bodyworkers have a set of skills to facilitate the restructuring of muscles, tendons and ligaments to restore order and ease to normal body function.

On the other hand, most massage therapists have a great ability to massage your muscles, increase blood-flow, aid relaxation and leave you with a feeling of ease – but the results can be short lasting and the tension builds back up again after a few days.

Why choose Bodywork over Massage in Fulham?

Bodywork is considered an outcome focused treatment. The practitioner will tailor their treatment to your body condition and the desired outcome you want, to give you the best result. Many structural integration techniques such as rolfing, myo-fascial release and CORE Bodywork can be used to create greater space between the body’s joints to enable better function, more movement and less pain. This can in effect feel like your body part has been taken apart, polished and oiled – sometimes taking decades of compression away to make you feel younger.

What makes bodywork effective?

The principles of bodywork are to use the right pressure, speed, direction of movement and to take the time that the body needs to create the physical change that the treatment is aiming to achieve. By employing these principles, we are really encouraging the brain to take charge of the process by releasing the tension, lengthening the musculature, deploying nutrients to repair damage and re-establish normal muscle function.

How long does it take to get benefits from massage & bodywork Fulham?

Everyone responds differently to their treatment. As a rule of thumb, the longer that tension, pain and poor posture exists, the slower the recovery. For many people, three sessions - one week apart can make a substantial difference by re-setting the muscles and shifting the cellular memory enough to allow a different pattern of behaviour in the body. Sometimes two to three more sessions can put the icing on the cake. Often we find that after the initial three weekly sessions, the pain will subside and then we can space the treatments out to a month apart. This can allow the treatment to slowly teach the mind-body connection to adapt to and manage the strains put on the body during daily activities and lifestyle.

Ongoing Bodywork therapy support

Monthly sessions are often where the greatest results occur. We are free from the limitation of treating with pain, your body awareness increases to allow you to become empowered and take the positive actions that your body asks for. Even more importantly you can gradually reduce the negative activities that caused your issue in the first place.

If you would like to experience beneficial bodywork at Fulham Massage & Wellness, please call us on 020 3794 9760 and we can recommend you as to who will best suit your needs.

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