Pregnancy Massage at Fulham Massage & Wellness

Pregnancy – how it affects woman’s body

During pregnancy, there are number of physiological changes that occur throughout all nine months: starting from hormonal changes, through physical adaptations to emotional preparation for the baby to arrive. Pregnancy massage helps to cope with all these changes, making the process easier and much more special.

Back pain during pregnancy

One of the most common complains during pregnancy is low back pain. During pregnancy, the pelvis shape changes in order to make giving birth easier. Ligaments, muscles, tendons and other soft tissue structures stretch out to enable this change, which can cause pain. There is also more pressure sitting on the spine as the centre of gravity shifts forward when the bump becomes bigger. A lot of women can experience sciatica during pregnancy – compression of the sciatic nerve around low back and gluts. Massage helps to soothe all the structures and helps to stretch them, significantly reducing the pain and discomfort.

Massage also assists in maintaining the correct posture. Many times, women’s breasts will become bigger and heavier pulling the shoulders forward which can cause significant amount of upper body pain. Massage helps to loosen up back, neck and chest muscles which will reset the appropriate postural patterns.

Understanding hormonal changes

From the very early stage of pregnancy until labour and even afterwards in the postnatal and breastfeeding stage, women’s hormones change rapidly. This by itself can cause enormous amount of stress, imbalance and physical reactions. These hormonal changes (read more about how hormones work here) are often associated with big spectrum of emotional changes during pregnancy. The common pattern illustrates going from euphoria and excitement to feeling daunted and scared, the realisation of responsibility for another human being. Massage helps to calm the neural system, relax women’s mind and body as well as create more balance in endocrine system, making the transition more enjoyable and smooth.

Many times, especially in the latter stage of pregnancy, women can feel swollen, heavy and not attractive. Not everyone loves being pregnant and this is absolutely normal. Massage can makes things better though by enhancing relaxation and wellbeing. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation and therefore improves problem with water retention, living expecting mum feeling instantly lighter and more free to move.

Pregnancy Massage Fulham and Parsons Green

At Fulham Massage & Wellness we understand it all. Our treatments are tailor made to each and individual person because every woman’s experience of pregnancy is different. The goal is to minimise the imbalance in the body and relax mind.

All therapists performing pregnancy massage at our clinic are specifically trained, qualified and insured in pregnancy massage, making the treatments safe. Choosing a frequency will always depend on women’s needs, but treatments every 2-4 weeks usually work the best. The ideal time for the first pregnancy massage is after the first trimester and we always recommend consulting your midwife beforehand.

Pregnancy massage can be performed in two ways: side-lying or with the use of pregnancy cushion, whatever is more comfortable. Our special pregnancy cushion allows women to lie down facing down, adding more comfort during treatment and taking the weight of the bump away. Drinking water before, during and after massage is always recommended to flush all the toxins. Our therapists will do everything they can to make pregnant women as comfortable as possible

Massage in Fulham: Happy mummy = happy baby (postnatal)

Changes don’t just stop after giving birth. Postnatal period is the time when your body is trying to cope in the new role and your mind is occupied with meeting baby’s needs. Postnatal massage helps to adjust to new biomechanics, release shoulders from carrying the baby and breast feeding, as well as soothe the whole body. It is also important to allow yourself for a relaxing, alone time, especially when facing sleepless nights and a change of routine. It is only natural that the baby becomes the centre of the universe but it’s important to remember that mothers wellbeing matters, too. Happy mummy equals happy a baby.

We are open until 10pm on the weekdays and also open on Saturdays and Sundays, giving everyone opportunity to find the right time and day to enjoy their massage. Donna and Bozena are specialists in pregnancy massage so make sure you ask for them when booking in!

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