Massage Fulham and Parsons Green – why does it matter?

Massage plays an important role for many people. We often associate it just as a treatment for professional athletes or as a treat when visiting a spa for a pampering weekend. There is, however, another meaning to a massage and here is why massage in Fulham is a part of the lifestyle.

Massage in Fulham: a key tool for active people


Whether you join Fulham Running Club for a weekly run at Bishop’s Park, go for a regular walk or PT session at Hurlingham Park or play tennis at Parsons Green Sport and Social Club – you are very much absorbing the SW6 lifestyle. Physically active people are aware of the benefits  of such lifestyle and also very aware of their bodies – how it works, how it moves, when it hurts and when it feels good.

Quality sports and deep tissue massage plays a great role for people in Fulham and Parsons Green because it enables them to continue their lifestyle and achieve fantastic goals in a fitness department. It is also an effective way of scanning the body and identifying any potential injuries. Prevention is better than a cure. Regular massage will help to prevent arthritis for years to come, minimise the risk of hip or knee replacement or elude shoulder surgery.

It is also a tool in managing the injury or chronic pains. Massage enhances the healing process and facilitates appropriate healing – without scar tissue, lactic acids or waste products which often can bring the injury back.

 Massage Fulham: stress-free zone

People in SW6 are hardworking and busy; they value their personal development and don’t shy away from career goals or changes. This involves working under pressure and maintaining quality of performance often with very high stress and work load. Massage in Fulham and Parsons Green is a tool to cope with challenges and letting go of tension that naturally builds up in body and mind. Stress, anxiety, insomnia, tiredness, feelings of being overwhelmed, depression – massage helps to release all of these negatives and gives a fresh start - ability to face another day with smile and excitement!

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Massage Parsons Green:  recipe for a happy family

Spending a significant amount of time in Fulham, you can’t help but notice a wonderful family vibes in the area. Busy time around school drops and pick-ups, children (and mothers!) rushing on the scooters, family weekend walks full of laughter and play, afterschool activities – picture perfect of modern, happy family. However, we all know that being a parent is not easy. Many people crave for a bit of “me time”.  Massage gives an opportunity to enter a quiet “comfort zone”, letting go of irritation, charging batteries, having alone time in order to be a better father/mother, spouse, grandparent, etc. Being a guardian and role model involves giving away time, attention, care and patience. It’s also important to receive all of that and that’s why massage is so valuable - once every now and then you need to be at the receiving end in order to be able to give to your family.

Massage has many benefits and at Fulham Massage & Wellness we tailor make each massage treatments in order to provide the outcome you need the most. Whether it is pain relief or injury prevention, stress release or you just simply want to be taken care of – we are very proud to provide the service you need with the care you deserve! Give us a call on 02037949760 to book your perfect massage now!

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