Massage for Neck & Shoulder Pain

The neck and shoulder joints suffer disproportionately more from pain, ache and discomfort than the rest of the body’s musculoskeletal system. In fact most people who see us for the first time in our Fulham clinic request us to focus our attention on these body parts. In fact, the discomfort experienced in the neck and shoulders has perhaps contributed to the use of some commonly used phrases being intertwined into the English language. Someone “being a pain in the neck”, “carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders”, or “wearing your shoulders like ear rings” can often be said of a person when they are experiencing life situations that go hand in hand with neck and shoulder pain.

What causes Neck & Shoulder pain?

There are hundreds of contributions and causes as to why people experience neck and shoulder pain in the first place. One of the biggest reasons is modern day posture. We live in what is called a “flexion based society”. Flexion is the muscular position when a muscle is flexed, switched on or in a contracted position. A flexed chest muscle can pull the shoulder joint forward causing the opposing muscles at the back of the shoulder blade and neck to tighten up and resist. If this continues over a prolonged timeframe it can lead to overuse symptoms of pain, knots and tension in the back muscles. It can also trigger muscle imbalances where the dominant muscles become stronger and the weaker muscles fatigue – often leading to the pain spreading to surrounding areas. Flexed positions and activities include desk sitting, driving, washing up, using your smart phone and sofa sitting – hence the flexion based society description.

Therapy Fulham – How Massage Can Help?

Pain and discomfort is the brain’s way of informing you that there is some level of dysfunction in the body. Usually, we resort to painkillers to fool the brain into thinking that there is no problem to be resolved. Massage works in the opposite way. By physically touching the areas of dysfunction we are getting the attention of the brain into the area affected by pain. Physical touch and tissue manipulation encourages the neuromuscular connection to reactivate by re-educating the behaviour and position of the muscles back to that which it was designed to be. Pain reduces and muscle function improves when the joint position resets, enabling your neck and shoulders to benefit from easier pain free movement.

Awareness and Self Help

As busy Londoners we all seem to suffer from a shortage of time for ourselves – the residents of SW6 are not immune to this phenomenon. A skilled massage therapist can offer relief, correction or maintenance of a neck and shoulder problem – depending on the responsiveness of the client’s tissues or the number of sessions invested in the remedial phase. However, at Fulham Massage & Wellness we believe that educating our clients on becoming aware of what causes the onset of the problem is the true long term value that can be gained from our treatments. Paying attention to postural habits, how we sit, speak on the phone or how deep we breathe can unlock the gradual build-up of muscle tension and painful issues. A passionate therapist will become a partner in helping you discover the cause of pain and help advise you on methods to self-treat, stretch and prevent.

If you feel that you can benefit from bodywork in Fulham or know someone who suffers from constant neck and shoulder issues, we may be able to help. To arrange a consultation or to speak on the phone regarding whether we can be of help to you, call us on 020 3794 9760.

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