The benefits of sports massage

Sports massage uses certain soft tissue techniques to mobilise and manipulate muscles. Its main purpose is to enhance repair, relieve pain, prevent an injury or maintain health. It is ideal for acute injuries like ligament sprain or muscle tear but also for chronic, long-lasting neck or back problems.

Massage for active and less active

A lot of people assume that sports massage is only beneficial for athletes and physically active people. Those with more sedentary life-style can also benefit from having a regular sports massage. It releases tension that cumulates in the muscles and helps to improve body’s flexibility.

Sports massage is a great way to:

  • Prevent injuries or long term damage to muscles and joints
  • Enhance training performance
  • Speed up healing and recovery from injury
  • Improve  self-awareness by monitoring your own condition
  • Increase muscles’ elasticity and joints’ mobility

Sports massage for pre-event preparation

Sports massage can be used to create a state of readiness in the muscles and soft tissues. It increases the circulation of blood to the muscles to allow them to be flushed and oxygenated. It also helps muscles to relax so the joints can be moved through their full range of motion. Additionally, sports massage enables athletes to focus on their event by mentally preparing them for a competition.

Post-exercise relief

Flushing out the toxins and lactic acid built up in the muscles during the exercises is one of the most important roles of sports massage after the event. It then reduces the risk of next day soreness and returns the muscle to a relaxed state.

Sports massage prevents injuries

Repetitive movement or straining can apply stress to unbalanced muscle groups, leading to tension and injury, especially when muscles are already tight. Sports massage reduces the likelihood of injury by relieving chronic tension in the body.

Reduces pain or restrictions in joints

Conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism can result in pain and restricted movement in the joints. By releasing tension in the muscles that surround and attach to the joints, massage improves mobility & reduces pain. It also promotes natural lubrication in the joints and improved general health.

Sports massage to treat injuries

Sports massage is highly effective in treating acute and chronic injuries such as tendinitis, ligament sprains and muscle strains. By removing waste materials and bringing nutrients to injured cells, massage helps to reduce swelling and inflammation. It can also break down old scar tissue and prevent further scarring.

Body awareness

Sports massage is a great tool to improve self-awareness by helping a person monitor their own condition and adjust things accordingly. Many people don’t realise the amount of tension in their body until someone starts performing a massage. This is a great self-discovery journey! Many postural problems that could often lead to injury are identified and prevented through regular treatments.

What to expect?

Sports massage uses soft tissue techniques, manipulation, friction and stretches. The therapist normally applies firm, vigorous pressure and concentrates on the area of problem or discomfort. In order to release “knots” and “crunchiness” from the muscles, therapist usually uses hands, knuckles or even elbow. Although your comfort threshold can be challenged at times, incorporating a deep breathing into the massage can bring a very satisfying and immediate sense of release.

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