Types of Massage

There are many type of massages and many reasons why people get a massage. We all know having a massage is good for us, but what is it that makes us book one?

Muscle pain and discomfort is one of the highest motives for picking up the phone and making an appointment. Massage works wonders on tight muscles, sprained ankle or stiff neck. It increases the blood flow, softens up all tissues, helps to restore the movement and flushes out all the toxins so here it is – pain relief! It is amazing how quickly things start to feel better.

Second common reason why people decide to have a massage is stress and tension. With the demands of a new life-style getting higher and higher, lots of people find it difficult to cope with such pressure. Treatment room is where they find a comfort zone to completely relax their body and mind. Many people are able to let go of every worry or tension, often resulting in falling asleep during a massage.

General wellbeing is also among popular causes. A lot of people try to maintain their health, slow down aging process and obtain certain level of relaxation so they can get on better with their daily tasks. Regular massage sessions help them to achieve that. It has been discovered that massage improves quality of sleep, calms down central nervous system, helps to regulate work of many organs and positively influences emotional state.

With sport and physical activity being an important part of today’s life, injury prevention plays a huge part of all reasons why people get a massage. Whether we talk about running, weight lifting, playing golf or any other sport discipline, keeping the muscles nice and loose helps to achieve better results and minimise the risk of injuries. During the massage, it is also possible to identify any potential problems such us muscle weakness, imbalance, excessive tightness, misalignment and postural dysfunctions.

All in all, there are many reasons why people get a massage. There are also people who believe there is no need to have any reason; that receiving a massage simply feels so good that they implement them into their routine. Some others believe it’s still more of a luxury than necessity.

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