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How does Massage and Hot Yoga complement each other?

With XXI century lifestyle where the pace of living keeps on increasing, there is more and more need for services that help people find some balance and catch a breath. Massage is one of these services, but certainly not the only one. Our strong belief is that the combination of regular massage and practice of hot yoga enhances the overall mind/body connection.

Both massage and hot yoga complement each other and facilitate a release of tension and stress. They also detoxify and cleanse the body from lactic acids, toxins and waste products – the bad guys which often makes us feel tired, lethargic and emotional.  The interlinked correlation between massage and hot yoga plays a great role in recovering from any muscular pains and injuries. By increasing the flexibility and enhancing blood flow, the body is able to heal better and quicker.  

The Hot Spot Yoga Studio in Parsons Green has been recommended to us by many local clients. Since then, we have also grown to love it! This intense and very rewarding form of activity proves that you cannot separate physical and mental aspect of your health. And although we always knew that from providing massage, the benefits that you will see from combining hot yoga and massage treatments go far beyond that.

When receiving a quality deep tissue, Swedish or sports massage, the body produces endorphins – the “happy” hormones that reduce stress level and make you  ‘feel good’. Similar process occurs when practicing hot yoga.  Additionally, the improvement of well-being and encouragement of positive thoughts and self-acceptance can be observed. The more regularly you practice, the easier it is for the body to create this state of mind and physical release. All in all, combining hot yoga practice and massage treatments can help you to look and feel stress free, while staying young, supple and healthy. And on top of that, they both make you feel absolutely amazing!

Who would benefit?

Massage and yoga are for everyone. Whether you are very active and want that extra TLC or whether you seem to be stuck behind the desk for most of the day – massage and yoga suit all lifestyles. They both help to alleviate many forms of back pain, neck stiffness and shoulder problems, muscle tightness allowing the muscles throughout the body to relax.  They both lower the blood pressure and resting heart rate, making your heart stronger and healthier.  They both improve vitality and energy level, making you happier and healthier. Together, they are the perfect and most natural way to combat stress.

The key is to do it regularly. Your massage treatments can be tailored to your lifestyle and individual needs but an average frequency of 2-4 weeks works for most of our clients. We also recommend attending at least one weekly hot yoga class, but be careful – it’s very likely you will fall in love with it and will want to practice every day!


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