Physiotherapy Treatments

What is Physiotherapy? 

Physiotherapy is a type of therapy which focuses on bringing the body back to its optimum function after injuries or illnesses. It also maintains people's health no matter what age and focuses on keeping people active and independent as long as possible. Physiotherapy uses exercises, hands-on therapy and education to improve the pain and enhance the healing in affected tissues. It aims to re-educate the body and neural system on correct biomechanics. It looks into people's lifestyle, activity, posture, stress level, diet and many more aspects, in order to achieve optimum health. Physiotherapy is a science and research-based profession which focuses on following body systems:

  • Neurological  - helping people after strokes and paralysis 
  • Musculoskeletal - enhancing recovery of sport and work-related injuries, postural disorders, back problems
  • Cardiovascular - assisting in the rehabilitation process after a heart attack or with chronic heart problems
  • Respiratory - maintains optimum health for people suffering from lung diseases, such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Physiotherapy at Fulham Massage & Wellness

Our in-house physiotherapist can advise on the best treatment plan and course of action to speed up recover and help you manage the pain. Very often that will include corrective exercises, improvement of diet, ice or heat, Pilates and manual treatment. Exercises and stretches will help to activate correct muscles, loosen up excessive tightness and even up the imbalance. They will also help to eliminate compensations and allow the body to move more efficiently. Balanced diet and increase of water intake often have an influence on our physical condition. Dehydration causes additional muscle tightness and eating too many sugars has a high impact on our hormones and mood. Physiotherapy puts a high emphasis on education and advice that will help people achieve and maintain the best level of health.

All our massage treatments are also directly or indirectly supervised by a physiotherapist to ensure all your medical needs and expectations are met. We understand the science behind the physiotherapy and massage and always implement it into the treatments. Our sessions are not only effective but we also make sure they are enjoyable. At Fulham Massage & Wellness research plays an important role in planning and evaluating the individual treatments. We also work as a team to bring the best results to our clients in need. We are helping people with all sorts of musculoskeletal injuries or conditions. They include back pain, neck and shoulder problems, tennis elbows, frozen shoulders, muscle tears and strains, sprained ankles, shin splints, arthrtis management, knee injuries, sciatica, wrist injuries and more. For detailed information visit:

Although we don't offer physiotherapy appointments at our clinic, our massage treatments are designed and developed by a team of physiotherapists, rehabilitators, sports therapists and sport injury therapists. Many physiotherapy techniques are used in soft tissue hands-on treatment that we provide and therefore make our massage more effective than anywhere else. Our therapists are also experienced and confident to provide suitable rehabilitation programmes which involve stretches, strengthening exercises, core balancing exercises and additional home care advice. To find out more about Massage in Fulham, its effectiveness, benefits and to book your appointment with one of our professional therapists, call us on 020 3794 9760 or fill up the booking form