Ben is a qualified Sports Therapist who obtained a Bachelor`s Degree in Sports and Exercise Science from University of Portsmouth. He has a keen interest and enthusiasm for rehabilitation, enjoying the positive and life changing outcomes for clients with sporting injuries, age-related conditions, and other immobilising disorders, as well as those who just need to release tension and stress. He is interested in Personal Training courses to allow him an even greater understanding of the demands of the body and what to advice after a massage treatment to help clients further.

Training and Education:

Sports and Exercise Science Bachelor degree

Types of Treatments:

Sports massage

Deep tissue massage

Swedish Massage

Interests and Hobbies:

Ben likes to stay active in his free time by playing football and doing weight training at the gym. He also enjoys spending time at home watching football and playing video games.

Schedule at the clinic:

Monday: 2:30pm - 10pm

Tuesday: 2:30pm - 10pm

Thursday: 7:45am - 2pm

Friday: 7:45am - 2pm

Saturday: 9am - 6.15pm