Ronnay is a qualified Sports Therapist who obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Therapy from the University of Kent.

Although primarily treating sports people in the past, Ronnay gets happiness from helping people who are struggling with pain or injury as a result of their repetitious lifestyle habits and looks beyond treating the present condition but at returning the person to any chosen activity, optimal function for everyday activities and overall well-being mentally, physically and emotionally.

Ronnay regularly participates in a lot of physical activity such as tennis, football, badminton or weight training, so understands the benefits of massage and the common injuries connected with regular physical activity. He utilises all of his skills and techniques to ensure each treatment is tailored specifically for each client and also supports his clients with stretches and exercises to help outside of the clinic.

Training and Education:

Sports Therapy Bachelor degree

Types of Treatments:

Interests and Hobbies:

There is never a day Ronnay isn't busy. Aside from physical activity he is either reading, nurturing his relationship with God, watching anime, playing the piano or spending quality time with friends and family.

Schedule at the clinic:

Monday: 7:45am – 2pm

Tuesday: 2:30pm – 10pm

Wednesday: 2:30pm – 10pm

Friday: 7:45am – 2pm

Saturday: 9am – 6:15pm