Marianna is a high-energy massage therapist with a diverse background of transferable skill sets and competent in providing excellent customer service in a most efficient and professional manner.

She got interested in massage therapy after regular treatments helped her deal with back problems due to a herniated disc. That`s made her determined to help others feel the best physical version of themselves. She strongly believes life is more enjoyable in a balanced and relaxed body and our minds benefit from that distinctive well-being too.

Marianna started her career by working as mobile and on-site massage therapist and she is very serious to actively participate to the energy of the Holistic World. She has a keen eye for individual needs, understanding that we are all perfectly unique and we all need and deserve a personalised tailor-made treatment plan.

Training and Education:

She proudly gained her Diploma in Massage in January 2016 and kept feeding her knowledge through several speciality courses.

Types of Treatments:

Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage

Interests and Hobbies:

Marianna loves taking long walks along the river with her husband and beautiful 15-month-old baby girl. She likes having good dinners with her friends, as well as doing fun activities with them such as escape rooms and immersive theatres. Marianna also likes creating balms and topical ointments to help alleviate joint-pains and other types of body inflammation.

Schedule at the clinic:

Monday 3:45pm - 10pm

Tuesday 3:45pm - 10pm

Thursday 3:45pm - 10pm

Friday 9:00am - 3:15pm