Florina completed her massage training at the Academy of Massage in Romania where she gained qualifications as a therapeutic massage therapist. After her graduation she worked as a massage teacher assistant at the Academy of Massage and as a massage therapist at the academy’s clinic.

Florina offers her clients treatments with great knowledge, awareness and passion. Her style includes a mixture of therapeutic skills that enhance her client’s physical health but also, simultaneously support their mental and emotional wellbeing. Florina’s philosophy is: “Respect the tissue and treat it with kindness!”

Training and Education:

Florina is always willing to refine her training in advanced massage techniques and participate in an extensive in-house training in order to deliver the highest standard of top-quality treatments.

Types of Treatments:

Interests and Hobbies:

In her free time, she likes to try different classes such as yoga, pilates, bootcamp, indoor cycling and dance. This helps her to understand her clients better and improve her everyday activity.

Florina also occasionally attends events related to personal and professional development.


Schedule at the clinic:

Tuesday 7:45am - 2pm

Wednesday 2:30pm - 10pm

Thursday 2:30pm - 10pm

Saturday 9am - 6:15pm


"My experience was amazing with your team (Florina). I am feeling great!"

"In all honesty that was the best massage I have ever had. Thank you very much for the quality that Florina brought."