Jan 2018
"New year, new me" by Personal Trainer, Ben

Happy new year to all of the Fulham Massage & Wellness clients, I hope you have had a great festive period where you managed to relax, spend some time with loved ones and indulge a little with the amazing foods on offer! 

 As it is now January this is usually the time that people start with new year resolutions, " new year, new me!" I am sure you have probably seen that posted all over social media and we are not even a full month into 2018, but this isn't an issue, it is fantastic that people are looking to make a start on adjusting their daily habits and achieve a health and fitness goal. The real issue is that people go from 0-100 and that just isn't sustainable. 

So today I am going to go over how you can make changes that will actually last so that 2018 is, in fact, your best year yet. 

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Jan 2018
Why investing in Personal Training and Sports Massage?

Exercise is what all healthcare practitioners recommend in order to lead a healthy life. Together with regular diet, quality sleep and reasonable work-life balance, it can create the sense of wellness. However, throughout the recent years, it became noticeable that for many people exercises can bring a completely opposite result – pain, injury, tightness.

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Jan 2018
What "Fulham Massage & Wellness" is all about!

A few weeks, on one of the December afternoons, all members of Fulham Massage & Wellness have gathered together to participate in a workshop. The aim was to establish an inner culture and bring everyone to the same page as to why we are doing what we’re doing. We wanted to create a sense of purpose for our clinic so when the team grows, we can have a set standard and be able to execute it every day.

We started with a little appreciation exercise and here was what we thought each person brings to our team: 

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Jan 2018
3 Ways to Help Alleviate Left Shoulder Blade Pain by Chris Foerster, Fremont College

Having shoulder pain is an issue that could affect your happiness and overall well-being.  Even worse, those who are left-handed and are having left shoulder blade pain (or vice versa) might have trouble performing everyday tasks.  Being left-handed and having left shoulder blade pain can keep you from carrying out your various day-to-day physical activities at work as well.  From tasks as simple as typing on a keyboard to a more demanding task like operating a piece of machinery.

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Dec 2017
Christmas Opening Hours December 2017

Fulham Massage & Wellness would love to thank you for your custom and support in 2017. We hope it was a year full of adventures, growth and abundance!20171215 192010 1

We feel privileged to be a part of your lives and we hope to assist you on your wellness path in 2018. 

During this festive season, we will remain open for most of the days, however our opening ours will be different. 

Here is our Christmas Schedule:

Saturday 23rd            9am – 6.15pm
Sunday 24th                  9am – 3pm
Monday 25th                             closed
Tuesday 26th                         closed
Wednesday 27th             12pm – 6pm
Thursday 28th          10.30am – 6pm
Friday 29th                   12pm – 6pm
Saturday 30th            9am – 6.15pm
Sunday 31st                      9am – 3pm
Monday 1st                                closed
Tuesday 2nd           9.15am – 10pm

Once again, we wish you all the best and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Dec 2017
How massages are a form of stress relief

London is a magnificent city to live in – it’s parks, transport system, restaurants, museums and jobs market attract the very best of people from all over the world. However, it is also a busy city where many inhabitants burn the candle at both ends – active lifestyles, high pressured jobs, lots of travel and with the invention of smartphones we’re all switched on 7 days a week. Even tiredness and poor diet can be stresses on the mind and body. Stress is normal, it’s not successful but it is normal – it’s part of life. You must learn to handle stress so that you can manage the circumstances of life to get the health and lifestyle outcome of your choosing.


Stress relief and massage therapy

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Dec 2017
Training tips for marathon runners by Personal Trainer, Ben

Ben Simpkins, Personal Trainer at Eat Move Live Better

The ballot slots for London marathon were recently released, and I had attempted to take part but unfortunately didn't get a place. With my bad news there is some great news for all the people that did make it and are going to be on the starting line for London 2018. In this blog post we are going to look at what type of training you could/should be doing to help improve your time, strength and energy levels. 

 1 – Don't just run!

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