I’m feeling better now – should I cancel my follow up appointment?

I’m feeling better now. We’ve noticed in the past that this is the most common reason previous clients used for canceling their second or third massage session to drop out of care in the middle of a course of treatments.

We must reiterate that as your practitioner we respect your self-determination in your treatment journey and in your deciding how far you want to take your massage care. Naturally, as your facilitator we are eager to advocate for your best possible outcome from receiving massageFeel_good_1.jpg

Pain is an excellent motivator and boy do we react quickly when it hurts badly enough. A singular massage can relieve pain. Sometimes, so much so, that we’re left with ache. And let’s face it we all live with ache.

The reason why you may have scheduled a follow-up session was with the intention of resolving the painful symptom rather than relieving it. Relief can be achieved using hot water bottles, deep heat, or attending a relaxation spa. Few clients, attend our clinic for relief as we are a comparatively expensive option if that were so.

Most people attend our clinic for remedial massage care. That is to remedy the issue. They want us to release muscle ‘knots’ or shortened muscles which have become dissociated and permanently switched on. Our type of treatments focus on resolving the symptom. Fixing rather than patching, so to say.

pain_motivator.jpgMuscles don’t dissociate from the brain overnight. Sometimes our muscles do become sore overnight – but if the cause wasn’t exercise and overuse, it may indicate underlying causes. Any muscle which is sore to touch is in a state of dysfunction. Mind_muscles.jpgExcept that is in cases of delayed onset muscle soreness caused from exercise. 

Likewise, to remedy or resolve the causes of pain it normally takes a course of treatment. 3 treatments are normally the turning point for noticing a significant improvement. If your therapist has explained muscle memory, you will understand that dysfunctional muscles have a destructive cellular memory – the programming of muscle behaviour is actively working against you. Changes to the tissue through massage trains the muscles to behave as designed. Hence a constructive cellular memory going forward.

Enough of the science. Whether you choose:Fixed.jpg

mild pain relief,

to fully resolve the symptom,

to find and correct bio-mechanical causes,

or to train your muscles to function or ‘work’ better, we are here to serve you. 

Choosing not to come back to fully resolve the issue now, is okay. You are not going to die from muscle ache! As we said earlier, ache is something that we commonly live with. Sure, the muscle could go into spasm again, triggering another pain cycle, but we could resolve it then. Worst case scenario is enhanced risk of injury. It’s easier to sustain an injury by overexerting a tight muscle.

If you would like to arrange a conversation with a clinic director to better explain how massage works and what your options are by choosing to take your massage care further, then please call our reception team on 02037949760 or send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for your trust in using our service.

Agata and team.

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